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10 ideas. Cremation ashes: remembering a loved one

At Tomorrow Funeralswe believe in personalising your memorial event completely. We know from experience that creating a ceremony which reflects your loved one’s life, can help at least a little with the process of grieving. Read on to find out about 10 cremation ashes ideas, ranging from very traditional to the very creative!

When it comes to deciding what to do with your loved one’s physical remains, their ashes, it’s important to take time and consider your options. You might like to scatter them as part of the service, or afterwards.

But luckily, these days there are also some incredibly creative alternatives; from various environmentally friendly options, through to turning a person’s remains into objects or even fireworks! Actually, it is a truly fascinating subject.

Inventive craftspeople have created a range of alternatives. You might find just the right one for you below.

1. Living On Through Trees

Living Legacy Forests have formulated a proven and scientific process to transform a loved ones ashes so they can return to nurture in a sustainable, Eco-friendly way and their legacy can live on for generations to come in beautiful, protected and peaceful forests.

2. Classic Urns

Some people like to place the ashes in an ornate container known as an urn. We like the variety of urns at Western Australia’s Cremation Ashes.

3. Tree-incarnation

Soul Trees is an Australian business which celebrates the cycle of life. The business sells ‘Bios Urn‘s,’ the world’s first award winning and fully Biodegradable Urn, which converts humans and pets into a tree, after Life.

4. Cremation Ink Tattoos

This UK company specialises in incorporating the cremation ashes of your loved one into tattooing ink, so you can have your memorial tattoo done in your local tattoo studio. They use professional grade tattoo ink infused with your loved one’s ashes and offer free worldwide delivery. We have more information about choosing a memorial tattoo here.

memorial bird tattoo on shoulder

5. Cremation Jewellery

From her studio in NSW, Sarah Edikins of Sarah Alba Rose Jewellery specialises in creating high quality cremation jewellery for families to remember their loved ones. Sarah explains, “I use murano glass to encompass a person or animals ashes into the glass and then set these into stunning jewellery pieces.  Each piece is made with care, love and respect.”

6. Icons in Ash

Icons in Ash create life like memorial portraits using the ashes of a person. They say the works “create a profound effect of presence that is incredibly calming, soothing or consoling,” and they certainly seem like a interesting way to keep your persons memory alive.

7. Diamonds

Heart In A Diamond have developed a technology that turns ashes into genuine, certified diamonds. Once complete, they can also set your unique jewel into a one-of-a-kind setting. What an incredible way to keep your loved one’s memory close.

8. Songbird Urn

Remember a loved one in the form of a Songbird. These small, tree-hanging urns are able to hold the partial cremains of a loved one and are made of durable brass and come in a range of different colours.

9. Stone Ceramic Urn

Conscious Clay make beautiful vases and other ceremic items glazed in a product that incorporates your cremation ashes.

10. Fire Works!

What would your person think about being turned into fireworks? This is one of the more unique and exciting options we’ve discovered. Australian business, Ashes to Ashes promise “an unforgettable moment of reflection, never forgotten, as sadness and grief are replaced by wonderment and celebration, as the journey towards closure begins.”

Talk about going out with a bang!

There are some regulations to be aware of when planning to scatter ashes in Victoria and beyond. We’ve got a handy guide to them here.

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