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A Memorial, Wake or Funeral at The Mount Erica Hotel, Prahran

Servicing all areas of Melbourne, Tomorrow Funerals is the only Melbourne funeral business to concentrate exclusively on memorial services. This means we specialise in ‘celebrations of life’ and focus on doing funerals differently.

At Tomorrow, we have a simple yet highly flexible transparent funeral package which includes a premium cremation, followed by a memorial-style ceremony. Our clients focus on choosing a relaxed, non-traditional venue to celebrate life, like  The Mount Erica Hotel, Prahran in the south east of Melbourne.

Our memorials offer a modern way to remember someone, outside of a traditional funeral parlour or church. At Tomorrow, we will help you create a truly personalised celebration of life, whilst incorporating what is usually known as the wake. Essentially, the funeral and wake become one memorial event.

A ‘celebration of life’ at The Mount Erica Hotel

The recently re-furbished Mount Erica Hotel is a casual, relaxed choice for hosting a memorial event. The historic pub exudes a contemporary yet welcoming ambiance. It’s a warm space that resonates with comfort and a sense of familiarity.

The Mount Erica caters for memorials of small to mid range events. Their purpose-built function room, just beyond the main dining is a space that comfortably fits up to 40 guests as well as a courtyard bar which is accessed by the floor to ceiling glass bi-fold doors. This means the function room can be closed for a more intimate gathering or opened right up to include the courtyard space itself.

This option may particularly appeal to those who have led a more quiet or simple life, a footy lover, those who loved a great pub or someone who simply enjoyed a casual catch up with friends. At Tomorrow we focus on finding ways to personalise their story.

Why should we consider a memorial service at a pub?

We believe that planning a fitting memorial includes considering a location that matches the style and personality of the person’s life.

Pubs have long been social hubs of community and connection. Their informal and relaxed atmosphere often encourages a sense of intimacy and story-telling, just like any gathering of close family and friends. A pub offers a comforting familiarity, evoking memories of the person being honoured. It’s a good fit for someone who loved a beer, a chat and a good old counter meal!

Choosing a pub like The Mount Erica Hotel for a memorial service offers many benefits; you could hold a drink offering a toast during the ceremony. A recent family of confessed ‘footy-tragics’ ended the formalities by screening their person’s favourite football game.

How do we plan a memorial service?

At Tomorrow, we specialise in ‘non-traditional’ memorial services, (meaning ‘outside of a church or funeral parlour.’) Our memorial events are held after the cremation, without a coffin present.

Our funeral package includes a dignified cremation, an experienced funeral Celebrant and a ‘stories bundle’ with lots of inclusions like a tribute video, a bound keepsake book and personal website dedicated to your loved one. The Tomorrow Funeral package is $6,800 and includes everything you need for the cremation and ceremony aspect.

This simple package works well with ‘Mount Erica Hotel’s own event packages.

On top of that, your Tomorrow funeral celebrant will be there to help you every step of the way to book and liaise with Mount Erica Hotel, if you need that kind of support. 

As we do not take any kind of commission when helping our clients book services, you can be sure we are offering you trustworthy support here. We are not affiliated with the club (or any venue.) We simply believe in recommending the very best suppliers.

Why should we choose Mount Erica Hotel for a memorial?

An historic hotel in one of Melbourne’s most beloved neighbourhoods – the Mount Erica offers a quintessential pub experience for your ‘celebration of life’, located on the corner of High street and Williams road, in Prahran. 

With an emphasis on providing a cozy, comforting, familiar setting for a celebration of life, The Mount Erica Hotel stands out among any casual memorial event spaces in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. The food and drinks are excellent, ensuring the wake is a cut above the rest – forget the usual, dull sandwiches you find at a traditional funeral parlour.

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering, or a mid-sized farewell, Mount Erica Hotel is ready to craft a personal experience that resonates with your unique person’s own story.

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