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Celebrating life: How Melbourne funerals are changing with the times

In Melbourne, Sydney and other progressive parts of Australia, a profound shift is occurring in terms of funerals. Traditionally, funerals are solemn affairs, but today more families than ever are keen to approach saying ‘goodbye’, with a celebration of life.  

hands symbolising a celebration of life

But a true life celebration might mean more than just a changing the tone of the funeral, from a religious / traditional feel to one that includes a few jokes and personal elements. People are now taking things a step further and holding the event in ‘life-filled’ event spaces like restaurants, galleries, local sports clubs and gardens.

Australian weddings have changed drastically over the years. And in that vein families are seeing the benefit of hosting a memorial, (after the cremation) to reflect the personality and passions of the person who has passed away. For example, a ‘celebration of life’ for a golf lover, could be held at the golf club. The afternoon could start with a short, relaxed ‘life celebration’ ceremony and flow straight into drinks and refreshments – or even a round of golf! Why not?

Tomorrow Funerals caters exclusively to Melburnians and Sydneysiders who’ve embraced the concept of “celebration of life” services. These events become an opportunity to cherish memories, gather close friends and family and honour the unique life lived.

Below we’ve answered some common questions about ‘celebrations of life.’

What is a celebration of life?

A celebration of life is an event or gathering that commemorates the life of a person who has passed away. It’s an alternative to the traditional, serious funeral style. In contrast, a celebration of life is intended to be a more positive and uplifting occasion where a community comes together to remember and celebrate the life, achievements, and positive aspects of the person who has passed, in a meaningful way.

Celebrations of life often provide a more relaxed and open environment for guests to share memories, anecdotes, and experiences. This is likely to foster a sense of community and support among those who are mourning the loss. These events might occur in different locations, such as homes, community centres, parks, or other places that hold personal significance for the deceased or their loved ones.

In many ways, a standard funeral in a funeral parlour or chapel, follows the ‘religious’ service style. Whilst holding a religious ceremony is obviously important to someone who follows the traditions of that religion, it might feel outdated for a non-religious person to have a traditional funeral, just because this is ‘the way things have always been done.’

A more modern, ‘memorial ceremony’ is a way to celebrate and remember the person with love, joy, and gratitude rather than solely following the old fashioned structure.

How do I plan a celebration of life, in Melbourne or Sydney?

There are many elements to planning a funeral, whether that’s a traditional or modern, memorial style funeral.

From a legal standing, some elements can only be handled by a funeral director. These include booking the cremation, registering the death, transportation and taking care of the body, as well as dealing with the Coroners Court.

The parts of a funeral or memorial that could be arranged by the family include booking the event space, writing a ceremony or tributes, arranging catering, a tribute video, streaming, making invitations, organising flowers, music, and other personal elements. However, if you’re planning a large event, and if you are in the early stages of grief, this is possibly a daunting task to take one without help.

Is there a funeral business in Autralia, that specialises in ‘celebrations of life’?

Yes! For families that are keen to have a less traditional funeral and need assistance along the way, Tomorrow Funerals specialises in taking care of everything! In fact, we are the ONLY funeral home that offers this service exclusively.

Our memorial style funerals are arranged AFTER the cremation. This is designed to give you the chance to create a life celebration that reflects your loved one’s life.

How do I create a memorial slideshow for a celebration of life?

At Tomorrow Funerals, we take care of everything in one simple package, including making a beautiful tribute video to music. All we need are the photos and your choice of music. We will take you through the steps. We are here to help!

We finish the process by designing a stylish, hard cover book with pictures and their life story, printed and presented to you as a family keepsake.

How do I write a eulogy for a celebration of life?

At Tomorrow Funerals, we are all about the stories!

We believe a well told story should be entertaining and feel like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, with ups and downs, laughter as well as tears.

To write the life story or eulogy of your loved one, we have created this comprehensive ‘write a life story’ article to help you.

A good eulogy could be told by friends and family members in an ‘off the cuff’ style, sharing their funny memories, favourite recipes or recollecting a particular thing they learned from the person whose life is being celebrated. Jokes, poems or even songs that sum up the life lived are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone you love.

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