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Checklist for funeral planning a Tomorrow-style funeral

A checklist for funeral planning can be helpful when organising this important event. Our funeral planning checklist is designed with the idea of helping you think of everything you might need for planning a modern, memorial style funeral with us at Tomorrow Funerals.

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At Tomorrow, we take care of everything to create a bespoke, memorial event. Our single transparent package makes it simple to plan the funeral – from a dignified cremation to a story book of your loved one’s life, personal website and an experienced celebrant to help you every step of the way.

To Do List – for memorial style funeral


We’ll take care of the cremation at a quality local crematorium (in an eco-friendly coffin.) We arrange collection and transport for your loved one within 2 hours of your call. Cremation is the first step in our process. We will hand deliver the ashes to you and handle the necessary paperwork, like the death certificate.

Think about the following:

  • Let us know if you want any small items of jewellery or clothing to go with your loved one and included in the cremation
  • Are you thinking of scattering the ashes?


We will carefully match you with an experienced funeral celebrant to help plan, write and run your bespoke memorial event. Our celebrants all have slightly different processes and we trust them to guide you through this.

However, you might like to begin by looking at the following elements:

  • Consider what style of memorial event would you like to create? (Relaxed, formal, sombre, simple/understated, huge/celebratory)
  • Inform your celebrant of any spiritual, religious, scientific, or philosophical beliefs that may be relevant.
  • You may like to look at one of our templates for writing their life story or if you’re planning your own funeral, we have one of those for that too. But remember your celebrant can write the life story, if that is your preference.
  • Choose a location. Unless you specifically request it, your memorial event will not be held at a chapel or church, instead, you’ll choose a venue that fits with the style and personality of your loved one, ensuring every Tomorrow funeral is completely unique! Read more about memorial locations here.
  • Make a date. One of the benefits of our memorial style funerals, as opposed to traditional funerals, is that you don’t need to rush. Take your time to ensure everyone you need to have present can be. You could choose your loved one’s next birthday, or any other significant date
  • Write a guest list and share your personal website with them via email. It will contain information like date and place of the memorial, plus a Guestbook.
  • What music would you like played at the funeral? If you need help, we have ideas for funeral music here.
  • Some families like to post a death notice. Contact the relevant newspapers directly. Or, as an alternative, you could email friends the link to your loved one’s personal website which we will create for you.
  • Would you like guests to wear a particular colour, or dress in a style that represents the person who has passed away?
  • Would you like family and friends to speak or read a tribute, or prayer? Or play live music?
  • What about including poetry in the ceremony? Or other inspiring words?
  • Would you like to include any memorial rituals like a candle lighting ceremony, surprise singalong, every guest brings along a flower from their garden to be added to a central flower arrangement.. Or anything else?


Once you choose and compile the necessary photographs, we will create a beautiful tribute video to be played at the ceremony and also posted onto the private memorial website.

HERE is the information you will need for choosing and sending us your photos.

We can also help you with designs for ‘order of service’ pamphlets, a ‘thank you’ postcard or a beautiful framed A4 size photo of your loved one to display at the ceremony.

The designs are included in your package, but printing is not included as this is difficult to standardise. Ask us and we can recommend a printer for you.


If you decide to book additional services we can help by liaising with suppliers, if you need us to. However, we do not take a cut or have ‘preferred suppliers’ paying us for the recommendation.

In most cases, you will book directly with outside suppliers and therefore, there’s no incentive for us to convince you of one option or another. We will simply use our experience in planning these events to help.

Some things you may want to consider which are outside our package are:

  • A VIEWING of your person – this is a very personal choice which can be added on if required. Here we look at the Pros & Cons of having a viewing. – (please ask us about this if you think this might be important for you.)
  • FLOWERS – read more about flowers
  • CATERING – food and drinks
  • PRINTING of thank you cards, order-of-service booklets or a physical guest book (as opposed to the online one included.) We design the beautiful artwork, making sure it’s personalised to your exact requirements, before you have it printed
  • Professional video STREAMING. (We can include a simple video recording at no extra cost.) Here are our recommendations for Melbourne streaming businesses.
  • Live MUSIC could be something very special
  • FIREWORKS – or anything else to make the memorial an event to remember!

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