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Easy Template – Write Your Own Eulogy or Life Story

They say everyone has at least one book in them, and let’s face it, a lifetime is made up of many interesting tales, lessons and unfolding narratives. However, it can be tricky to see the most interesting parts of your own life story – even for an experienced writer.

A eulogy, or life story is usually read at a funeral and it can be a big task for a family member to put together. This is one of the reasons some people like to write their own eulogies.

Our Life Story Template below, makes writing your own eulogy, or life story easy. You could use it as a guide, as a prompter for your memories or you could simply answer the questions and give them, (or leave them) for family members, who will possibly be more interested in your history, than you might think. We think it makes a beautiful gift and adds to the family history in such a direct way.

Use this guide instead, if you are writing a eulogy or life story for someone else.

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Life Story Generator


1. Copy, then answer the questions below that spark your memory and imagination.

2. Skip any sections or questions that do not easily fit your story. You may wish to limit yourself to just 2 or 3 questions from each section to begin.

3. Add in any questions that you think of along the way!

4. You might like to choose a friend or family member to type up your answers, or add in their observations about you. Otherwise, this might be a solo activity.

5. The general idea is to use the questions as a way of collecting the information, facts and stories.

6. Once complete, you can use your answers to start writing paragraphs and possibly even chapters!


1. What is your date of birth?                             

2. Where were you born? Do you know anything about your birth?

3. Your parent’s names?

4. Do you know why you were given your name?

5. Can you describe the family you were born into? (Try beginning like this for example, “I was the youngest of three siblings. My older brothers were Peter and Joseph, not to forget our much loved family dog, Bob, etc.)

7. Is there a family home that you remembered well? Describe it and how you feel about it.

8. In a few sentences, can you describe the area or the times in which you were brought up? (For example, “I grew up in Greece after World War II. My family were very poor but I felt fortunate to arrive in Melbourne in the 1950’s, at a time when there was plenty of work and opportunity. We were immigrants and quickly learned English and made new friends at school.)

10.  Are there any stories or memories about your early years that come to mind? (try remember and describe using your senses – sight, smell, taste, sound, feeling)

11.  Are there any characters or friends from your early years who were memorable or inspiring? 

12.  What or who did you look like as a kid?

13.  What did you learn from your childhood?

14.  What was your favourite meal growing up?


1. Where / How were you educated?

2. What did you love/hate about school?

3. What were you good at?

4. Are there any characters or teachers you found were memorable or inspiring? 

5. How did you get to school each day?

6. What was your favourite school lunch?

7. Did you sing songs or make art at school?


1. Your partner’s name, if you have one: 

2. Describe how you met? (You might like to explain this in a few sentences or more.)

3. When / where did you meet?

4. If you are married, when and where did this occur? What are your memories of this day?

5. Describe your relationship?

6. What do they love doing together?

7. What goals have you achieved together?

8. What do you most admire about your partner?

9. Are there any other anecdotes or stories about your relationship you could share?

10.  Are there any (funny, sweet) things you find annoying about each other, or argue about? (usually a humorous angle here)

11.  Do you remember your first kiss?

12.  Who was the love of your life?

13.  What have you learned about love?

14.  What advice would you give to people regarding love?


1. Describe your family circumstances – (Children, Grandchildren, Siblings, close friends who are like family, pets..)

2. Describe your most important family relationships.

3. Describe your most important friendships.

4. Are there important friends who should be mentioned in detail? Explain

5. Are there any other memories stories about your family and friends you would like to share?

6. What was the most exciting thing you ever did with a friend?

7. Are you generous? In what way?

8. What’s the best gift you ever received?


1. What words do friends and family use to best describe you?

2. How would they describe your personality? 

3. What was are some of your greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses

4. What talents do you have?

5. What are you passionate about?

7.   What makes you laugh?

8. What makes you angry? Happy? Sad?


1. If you have, or have had, an occupation, what was it and can you describe? 

2. What personality traits make you good at what you do?

3. Describe your first work day?

4. Who was your best / worst boss? Why?

5. Are there any anecdotes or stories about your work life you could share?

6. Are there any work-related achievements that you would like to include here?


1. Where do you live now?

2. What activities do you enjoy as you’ve gotten older? Has this changed?

3. What relationships have been most important to you recently?

4. Is there anything else you would like to include about your later years?

5. What life lesson has been important? How did you learn it?


1. Describe your hobbies or interests.

2. What kind of music, bands do you love?

3. Do you follow a sports team? Why?

4. What are some of your strongest Likes OR Dislikes? Good and bad habits?

6. What are you known for?

7. Do you have a favourite book, TV show, movie or other?

8. Are there any special trips or holidays that are significant? Why were they important?

9. Do you have a favourite joke or saying?

10.  What/who are you most proud of? why?

11.  How would you describe your personal style and appearance?

12.  What is your favourite food or drink? Why?


1. Are there any other stories or memories that you wish to describe?

2. Would you like to share details about an illness you may have or circumstances about getting older?

4. How do you think you will be remembered?

5. How do you think your friends and family are most proud of you?

6. What lessons do you hope you have been able to share?

7. What family traits do you hope will be passed down? And to whom?

. . .

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