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How much does a funeral cost in Australia?

Why is it so difficult to get a clear price for a funeral in Australia?

We think that working out the price of a funeral in Australia is more difficult than it should be. In fact, at Tomorrow Funerals, we believe complete transparency and ensuring our packages are clear.

One of the issues in understanding what can be a complex process, is cultural. Because we don’t talk about death or plan for it, we usually don’t research options until we are in the vulnerable position of planning a funeral for someone we love.

This is why, we have created our single priced package at $6,800, which gives our clients everything they need, to create a very personal ‘memorial style’ funeral. All at one, easy to understand price.

Some of our clients do not spend much more than this $6.8k. The main additions being printing of ceremony documents (which might cost approximately $50 – $250) Catering costs & venue hire, start at approximately $500 for a basic pub or sports club service. Other clients spend upwards of $5,000 on catering and venue if they are after a premium event.

What is the average price of a traditional ‘single service cremation’ in Melbourne?

When it comes to the cost of funerals in Melbourne, prices can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $20k or even $30k, (or more.) But overall, the average cost of a funeral in Melbourne is around $11,000.

At a traditional funeral home, a ‘single service cremation’ is a standard funeral service, usually in a chapel style venue, with the coffin present and some kind of ceremony. Afterwards the coffin is taken from the site for cremation without another ‘service’ at the cemetery. These are the standard ‘off the shelf’ products.

A standard funeral without customisation doesn’t need to be (and isn’t) overly expensive. A boutique, family-owned funeral home might offer this as a bundled funeral package with the basic inclusions for approximately $6-8k. It’s possible this could even be purchased for under $5k, but be mindful that you will get what you pay for.

If you choose one of the more well-known corporate brands, that same package could cost $9-14k.

However, it is very easy for a $7k funeral at a traditional funeral home to quickly blow out and cost you a great deal more than that. Remembering, someone purchasing a funeral is usually in a heightened state of emotion when organising this. And also considering the fast turnaround time for a traditional funeral.

What elements increase the price of a funeral?

The prices at a traditional funeral home go up from here depending on two key factors:

1. Logistical additions/amendments

2. product upgrades.

By logistical additions, we mean anything that adjusts the ‘off-the-shelf’ flow of the standard package.

For example, if you request a viewing at the funeral home in the days prior to the service, or you want the immediate family to go and dress your loved one, a separate rosary service, an additional service at the cemetery after the main funeral service or a funeral procession.

Product upgrades are elements that are included in the standard package that you want to upgrade, or that you want to add on. A standard basic coffin will be included in the off-the-shelf price, but if you want to upgrade your coffin then you can easily spend anywhere from $1,000-$12,000 extra on that alone.

Any amendment you make is going to add cost!

What are the most basic costs for a cremation?

At a bare minimum, an unattended cremation from a budget provider will cost approximately $2.3-$3k if you shop around. (Or up to $5k at a more well known, brand of funeral home.)

This should include:

  • Transportation of the body to the crematorium, (which is often conducted interstate to reduce costs for the funeral home)
  • Cremation
  • Death certificates and other paperwork

Note: at Tomorrow Funerals, using the highest quality service providers and with extras like a personal body wash, a dignified cremation within Victoria and hand-delivery of the ashes to next of kin, we charge $3,400 for this service.

What are all the elements involved in a cremation funeral package?

There are many elements which make up the price of the funeral

It’s important to know what they are so you can decide which ones you wish to include, noting that there are few rules.

You do not have to include of them. But it is always OK to ask your funeral provider for more information and the breakdown of the costs.

  • Transportation of the body
  • Required medical certificate by GP – unless a deceased person is going to the Coroner’s, a GP must assess and confirm the death
  • Weekend extra costs for pick up (charged by some funeral business)
  • Coffin/Caskett – Think carefully about what is important here
  • Funeral parlour service fee – we advise you ask what this includes
  • Funeral director fee – we advise you ask what this includes
  • Mortuary care – storing, washing, dressing, placement in coffin, as well as treating the body with chemicals to preserve it for a viewing are all different elements that may be included
  • Viewing – a viewing of your loved one’s body is a personal decision that requires thought and preparation
  • The cremation itself
  • Celebrant/Priest fees
  • Wake/Memorial: food/drinks/venue hire
  • Hearse and staff required
  • Printing of booklets, order of service, cards etc
  • Guest book
  • Tribute video production – slide show of photos
  • Streaming service of the ceremony
  • Video production of ceremony
  • Church/chapel fees
  • Venue for memorial – read more about venues for Melbourne memorials
  • Flowers – read more about saving money on funeral flowers
  • Music – Live music/organ player for example or other musicians – read more about funeral music
  • Urn to place ashes
  • Memorial Book
  • Customer care consultation – some funeral parlours will offer grief care
  • Interning ashes

Why does Tomorrow Funerals offer only one package?

Unlike a traditional funeral home, we pride ourselves on keeping the funeral elements simple. Our package includes everything you need for a dignified cremation, followed by a beautiful, customised memorial event, all at one easy to understand price.

No upselling. No hidden extras – in fact no salespeople at all. Put simply, we do not believe the grieving process should involve being sold to.

We’re passionate about providing the best care for your loved one and helping families find new and better ways to celebrate life.

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