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How to choose a Melbourne Funeral Director

If you need to organise a funeral in Melbourne, you’re probably thinking the first step is to choose a funeral director? Well, yes… and no.

Yes, it is very important you find a funeral director you can trust with the important job of taking care of your loved one. And of course, you will need someone who can offer support and provide you with all the information you need.

How do we find a good funeral director?

The first step in finding an excellent funeral director, is finding a business that aligns with your philosophy. One that will provide you with a funeral that reflects the person whose life you are honouring.

At Tomorrow, we believe that, despite what we are often told or what we assume, a funeral or memorial does not have to be what it’s always been. 

What’s important when planning a funeral?

There are many ways to mark a person’s life but personalising the event to capture the essence of who you’re celebrating and truly tell their story is very important. Sure, this might mean arranging a service at a traditional funeral parlour or church, followed by tea and sandwiches. But equally, it might be something quite different to that.

If you do want to create a more modern, or more personalised funeral (or memorial) a funeral director at a traditional funeral home will be limited in what they can offer you.

After all, some of the main ways a funeral parlour makes a profit is having a funeral director sell you:

  • Use of their chapel (chapel fees)
  • A fancy coffin (increased cost for the finish, handles, interior lining etc)
  • Plus a whole host of choices around mortuary services, viewings, transport, urns, order of service cards, tribute videos, live streaming and MORE.

What is different about Tomorrow funerals?

Tomorrow is the first ‘cremation & memorial only’ funeral business. Our funeral directors and celebrants specialise in providing memorial events in life affirming event spaces, pubs, gardens, homes, restaurants.

Our memorials are held ‘after’ the cremation, so there is no rush to arrange everything very quickly. Instead, if you wish, you can take time to plan the event when important people can be present, or when you have had time think things through and ensure it’s done the right way.

Traditional funerals are entrenched in religion and based around the concept of a coffin being present, but many Australians are now more comfortable with the concept of cremation and memorial-style funerals. Tomorrow provides a more modern approach that simply makes more sense for them.

Is the pricing at Tomorrow funerals confusing?

No. Unlike any other funeral businesses, we offer a single fixed package that includes everything needed to create a personal memorial.

The cost is $6,800 and includes the following:

  1. All the FUNERAL ELEMENTS including cremation, transfers, eco-friendly coffin & paperwork. We can be there within 2 hours to take your loved one into our care.
  2. An experienced funeral CELEBRANT to help plan, write & run your bespoke memorial event which could be held at a Tomorrow partner venue, or anywhere else.
  3. Our STORIES BUNDLE which includes:
  • A tribute video
  • A bound life story book
  • Designs for ‘order of service’ & thank you cards
  • Their very own memorial website

Is Tomorrow the cheapest option for a funeral service?

No, we’re not. Tomorrow offers a premium service from the time your loved one is taken into our care, through to the memorial event. However, this doesn’t mean we’re expensive. Rather than spend your budget on items like an overpriced coffin, coffin handles or other unnecessary extras, we focus on creating an incredible memorial – the event itself.

Our package is priced below most of the best-known funeral homes, yet we provide a high-quality, transparent service without cutting any corners and we ensure our customers receive excellent value for their money.

. . .

To sum up, we believe memorials are a wonderful option for families wanting to create a more modern event. The process is less stressful and more cost effective. A memorial actually removes most of the need to use a funeral director at all.

We believe that when done well – with love and creativity, a memorial service can families begin the difficult process of saying goodbye. It’s a an act of love and feels very satisfying, when done really well.

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