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How to navigate grief on Mother’s Day

Body + Soul Magazine recently asked Kate Morgan of independent funeral business, Tomorrow to offer her thoughts on navigating grief at Mother’s Day.

The article was published in both Herald Sun and The Sunday Telegraph and other leading Australian papers.

At Tomorrow, Kate is passionate about her work disrupting the traditional and outdated funeral industry.

Tomorrow creates tailored memorial services in unique spaces: pubs, galleries or at home, not old-fashioned funeral parlours. The focus is on storytelling and celebrating life in a personal way.

Tomorrow was created for a whole generation searching for better ways to farewell the ones they love.

News Corp Spotlights Tomorrow Funerals

The article provides guidance on navigating Mother’s Day while grieving, emphasising compassion for oneself and others during times of loss. Funeral celebrant Kate Morgan offers insights into approaching this holiday with sensitivity.

Mother’s Day, often associated with celebration and joy, can be challenging for those grieving a loss, triggering emotions and reminders of absence. Whether it’s the first Mother’s Day without a loved one or the pressure to maintain traditions, acknowledging mixed emotions is crucial.

Morgan advises creating a support network for those feeling vulnerable, emphasizing the importance of seeking help when needed, even months or years after a loss. Traditions can offer comfort, whether continuing old ones or creating new ones to honor the departed. Adjusting traditions can also provide solace, allowing space for personal grieving.

Setting boundaries and communicating needs is essential to manage overwhelming emotions. Opting out of Mother’s Day communications and being clear about boundaries with friends and family can help navigate this sensitive time. Despite grief, finding moments of joy is encouraged, recognizing that it’s okay to experience multiple emotions simultaneously.

The article underscores the uniqueness of grief experiences and the importance of validation, self-care, and support networks. It concludes by offering crisis and grief support resources for those in urgent need.

A Unique Approach to Farewell

What sets Tomorrow Funerals apart is their commitment to offering a modern and straightforward package that empowers families to create personalized send-offs following cremation. In a society increasingly valuing individuality, Tomorrow Funerals recognizes the importance of tailoring farewells to celebrate the unique lives of those who have passed away.

About Head of Memorials Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan is the Co-founder of Tomorrow Funerals, an Australian based start-up disrupting the traditional and outdated funeral industry. Since 2016 Kate has worked as an Authorised Marriage & Funeral Celebrant.

She is also a Co-founder of I Do Drive Thru a business that operates Australia wide & in the United States, helping couples elope in a fun, cost-effective way.

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