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Melbourne funeral services; a modern approach

Tomorrow Funerals is a different kind of funeral home – the only Melbourne funeral business to focus exclusively on modern cremation and memorial-style funerals.

We exist because we believe there is a better way to celebrate life than what is available at most Melbourne based funeral homes, or in any other funeral services in Australia.

At Tomorrow, we focus on creating truly personal funeral ceremonies that feel authentic to your loved one. Our ceremonies are held in ‘life-filled’ venues – beautiful beach side event spaces, pubs, restaurants, sports clubs or even at home.

One simple, transparent funeral package

We understand that organising a funeral can be a very difficult process. We also believe that the grieving process should not include being sold to. That’s why we’ve created one package which is clear and simple.

No stressful decisions, no worrying about hidden costs.

We give you everything needed in one memorial package, to create a truly remarkable celebration.

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Our Melbourne memorial package

The package includes:

Our STORIES BUNDLE includes:
• A beautiful tribute video with photos and music

• Design for ‘order of service’ & thank you cards etc
• A bound, hard cover life story book

• Their very own memorial website

PLUS a celebrant to help plan, write & run your bespoke memorial event which could be held at a Tomorrow partner venue, or anywhere else.

PLUS the cremation. We take care of all the funeral elements including cremation, transfers, eco-friendly coffin & paperwork. And we make a point of hand delivering your person’s ashes back to you with a little gift.

Cost: $6,800 – this is the only amount you will ever pay Tomorrow

Modern style funeral venues

We are not a funeral parlour. Unless you specifically choose it, your funeral will not be held at a chapel or church. The choice of venue and style is limited only by your imagination. This could be simple, or it could be sensational – whatever feels true to the life of your loved one.

At Tomorrow, we bring a human approach to an outdated tradition. A seamless cremation followed by a bespoke memorial service in one transparent package.

When tomorrow comes, let their story be told in a way that feels true to them.

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We’re always here to help

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Our Journal contains our entire list of resources for creating personal memorials.
Or visit our funerals page, for more information on our unique memorial style funeral package.