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Modern style urns at The Urn Collective

The Urn Collective is an independent Australian business founded by funeral celebrants, Oliver Thomson and Yasemin Trollope, who are passionate about sourcing the most beautiful urns from around the world for ashes and keepsake jewellery.

​​​From bespoke ceramic adult urns to beautiful jewellery pieces that have a tiny compartment for cremation ashes, the online store has a wide collection of modern, yet elegant urns.

The range includes eco-friendly urns for ashes that marry design and sustainability, as well as scattering urns and even pet urns. The team have searched far and wide to bring you an incredible range of vessels for your person’s final resting place.​​​​​​​​

What is the story behind The Urn Collective?

The team at The Urn Collective are passionate about sourcing the best urns for ashes and keepsake  jewellery in an effort to make end-of-life products more beautiful.​​​​​​​​

After working in the funeral industry, founders Oliver and Trollope realised that the current options for cremation urns and keepsake jewellery were limited. The aesthetic that appealed to modern, conscious consumers simply wasn’t available, so they set about changing that – one curated piece at a time.​​​​​​​​
The collection includes:

  • Adult urns
  • Children urns
  • Scattering urns
  • Eco urns
  • Pet urns
  • Modern urns
  • Porcelain urns
  • Keepsake jewellery

Every item sold at The Urn Collective is hand-chosen with love and compassion, with the intention to help you find that perfect piece to keep your loved one’s ashes. Every item has a story to tell and a legacy to hold.

With a passion for meticulous craftsmanship, the team pour their hearts into each urn, ensuring it becomes a cherished symbol of love, comfort, and eternal connection.

At The Urn Collective, every urn tells a unique story, and ours begins with a deep reverence for life and the power of remembrance.

What is the Tomorrow Funerals discount code?

At Tomorrow Funerals we supply our clients with a discount code for purchases at The Urn Collection, where your person’s cremation ashes can be placed, after the cremation.

Whilst most funeral homes take a commission on additional products and services incorporated in the funeral process, at Tomorrow we believe in keeping things 100% transparent. Instead of taking a commission we prefer to pass the discount on to our clients.

Put simply, we do not believe in upselling any items outside of our simple, all-inclusive memorial package. This means, if you decide to spend more with 3rd party suppliers (on items like catering, flowers or a particular urn for the ashes) we will not benefit financially from this purchase.

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