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Newsletter – Autumn/Winter ’24

Welcome to the Tomorrow newsletter

We’ve had some wonderful feedback on this regular post and hope you find this edition interesting and helpful.

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End of life wishes

The concept of ‘getting your affairs in order’ is usually limited to your will and other financial decisions. But have you ever thought about: Who will make important decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able to do so? Where would you prefer to die? What music do you want played at your life celebration?

Making choices around a broader range of ‘end of life matters’ can be empowering.

You can download our ‘end of life plan’ HERE.

Or book a free 30 minute, one-on-one ‘Celebration of Life Workshop’ HERE.


On the Journal Page of our website we have several articles featuring poetry and words that inspire us. Here is one we love:

Touched by an Angel by Maya Angelou

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love’s light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free. 

We’re in the news

In early May 2024, News Corp’s Body + Soul magazine asked Kate Morgan from Tomorrow Funerals to write an article about navigating grief on Mother’s Day. Here is more about the article.

Meditation & EFT tapping

Recently, a client introduced us to The Tapping Solution – a platform made up of hundreds of short meditations to assist with negative mindsets like grief, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness to name a few.

According to the website there have been 300+ peer reviewed studies showing its effectiveness, which is based on the principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

Tapping is a simple, quick technique which aims to address the root cause of your distress whilst sending a calming signal to the brain – allowing you to feel relaxed and in control. (Of course, this is not to be taken as medical advice and it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor or mental health practitioner if you are struggling.)

Your personal experience

We’re always interested in your personal experience with Tomorrow Funerals. We welcome your personal feedback – contact us here.

Here is a recent Google Review we felt very lucky to have received.

“My family recently went through the loss of my mother after a long battle with illness… We were required to “get her affairs in order” and assign a funeral director during her rapid decline in health.

I was helping my father negotiate this grim task and… lucked on to finding Tomorrow Funerals.

We were taken immediately with the business model and with Kate’s professionalism, which was only strengthened throughout our ongoing interactions in the weeks that followed my mother’s death, with the cremation and organisation of her Life Celebration event.

Both Kate and Bec never let us down and even though I may have sent many a message to them over the time, they always responded promptly and professionally. A very positive experience during a very difficult time.” Dean Robinson

If you’d like to add your own review, we’d greatly appreciate it. As a young business it makes a huge difference to new families who are thinking about working with us.

CLICK HERE if you feel like writing a review for Tomorrow.

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