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Pre paid funerals & cremations in Melbourne

There are many good reasons to arrange a pre paid funeral and in Melbourne there is a vast difference when it comes to cost, location and style.

First, there are the traditional funeral homes which offer up funerals (and pre paid funeral packages) in exactly the same way they’ve been doing for as long as anyone reading this, is likely to remember.

And then there are the less traditional approaches…

At Tomorrow Funerals, we’ve reimagined funerals as an opportunity to farewell a loved one, in exactly the manner in which they lived.

If you’re the kind of person who has ever uttered (or thought) “I’ll end up in an old-fashioned chapel, over my dead body,” then you’re exactly the kind of person for whom we created Tomorrow Funerals!”

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Why should I consider pre paid funerals?

Whilst planning one’s own life celebration is not everyone’s cup of tea, a pre-paid funeral makes sense in terms of your own peace of mind. It means you can relax knowing you’ve saved your closest family and friends from difficult decisions in the midst of their grief. At Tomorrow, you can also clearly outline your wishes and even write your own life story too, if you wish.

In terms of cost, pre paying your funeral allows you to fix the rate at todays’ price, ensuring the rising cost of funerals does not apply to your estate, or come from your family’s bank balance. We’ve partnered with Australian Friendly Society, where your funds will be securely held in a trust account until the time comes that we deliver your funeral.

Essentially, having this all arranged, means you can get back to doing more living! When the time comes, all your family needs to do is contact us and everything will happen seamlessly. And we will take the very best care of them. That’s a promise!

What is a Tomorrow Funeral?

At Tomorrow, we focus on cremations, followed by modern, memorial style funerals.

Our memorial style funerals are arranged AFTER the cremation. This is designed to give your family and friends the chance to create a life celebration that reflects you and your lifestyle.

Unless you specifically request it, your memorial event will not be held at a chapel or church, instead, you (or they) will choose a venue that fits with your style and personality, ensuring every Tomorrow funeral is completely unique! Read more about funeral locations here. 

What’s included in Tomorrow’s pre paid funeral package?

Our single transparent funeral package makes it really simple to plan and pre pay for your funeral, ensuring there is no upselling of fancy coffin handles or anything else. From a dignified cremation to a story book of your life… Here’s what’s included:

1. Experienced Funeral Celebrant

  • Our celebrants are the best in the business. We carefully match the best person to your family to help plan, write and run your bespoke memorial event which could be held at a Tomorrow partner venue, or anywhere else. You could choose this place in advance, or this could be selected by your family.
  • And head here if you’re looking for a guide to writing your own life story.

2. Our Stories Bundle

  • Tribute video featuring photos of your life & music
  • A detailed, permanent personal memorial website which can be used as an invitation link, and guest book where family and friends can leave comments
  • A bound keepsake ‘Life Story’ book including pictures and stories of your life will be sent to your loved ones following the memorial event
  • The artwork/design for a personalised ‘Order Of Service,’ ready to be printed
  • Art work/design for personalised ‘ Thank-you’ cards, ready to be printed

3. The Funeraly Bits!

  • Included are all the funeral elements including a seamless, quality cremation, transfers, eco-friendly coffin, paperwork and death certificate

Your Personal Input

Additionally if you wish, you can leave your family an amazing gift by using our life story template, which can form the basis of your life story or eulogy. When the time comes your celebrant will use this information to write your story, (unless you have completed it into a story format already.) Be assured that our celebrants are skilled writers and will do a beautiful job.

How much do pre paid funerals cost?

Ok, we’ll be honest, at a traditional funeral home, that’s the million-dollar question. How long is a piece of string!

But at Tomorrow we hang our hat on the fact that our package is all inclusive. Our price is transparent and includes everything needed to create a remarkable life celebration. If you pre pay a funeral with us, it will be fixed at today’s prices. So, when the time comes, there will be no more to pay.

Your investment will be held independently of Tomorrow Funerals in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund at  Australian Friendly Society. In the event we cease to be in business, your family can access the funds to pay for a funeral with an alternative business of their choice.

It’s all secure too. Tomorrow Funerals will have access to your investment once evidence of your death has been provided and verified.

Cost Details: 

  • Our package is $6,800 and will be held as a funeral bond at Australian Friendly Society.
  • For pre-paid funerals we charge a one off $400 admin fee for setting up the account – this locks in the price of the funeral at today’s price
  • That’s it! That’s the kit and kaboodle. We’ll be there to support your family from start to finish, managing the entire process and ensuring that we create a remarkable farewell.

We’re always here to help

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