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Scattering ashes in Victoria – everything you need to know!

Thinking of scattering ashes in Victoria or beyond? Here’s everything you need to know.

Cremation is now the choice (compared to burial) for more Australians and that trend is only growing. Here at Tomorrow Funerals, we specialise exclusively in cremations. With that in mind, planning what to do with their ashes is an important part of the funeral process.

Some families have a strong idea about where to scatter their loved one’s ashes – the beach, a particular park or at home under a rose bush!

There are some wonderful new memorial parks in Victoria that provide interesting eco-friendly options.

Another option might be to consider some of the creative, alternative ways to remember your loved one. For example, you might like to use their ashes to produce a diamond, a work of art or even fireworks!

Local cemeteries usually offer designated areas – like wall niches or memorial gardens for holding (or scattering) your loved one’s ashes for a fee. However, our philosophy at Tomorrow is centred around finding truly personal ways to honour and remember your loved one.

Choosing an option which suits you and your family, can bring comfort at a difficult time. Whether you combine this ritual within the memorial itself or scatter the ashes quietly with a smaller group afterwards, remember it’s a very personal choice.

Some families divide the ashes among those closest to the the person who died. Where one person might find peace in the ritual of scattering, others might prefer to keep them in a beautiful, handmade urn, like the ones made at The Porcelain Urn Company or The Urn Collective.

If you’re choosing a location to scatter ashes, think about whether this might become a place you want to come back to often and remember them. Or whether a distant location that was much loved by your person feels right.

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Rules, Regulations & Etiquette for Scatterings Ashes

The first thing to consider though, when deciding where to memorialise your loved one is the law.

There are different state laws around how and where you can scatter ashes. In Victoria whilst there is no central authority giving permission for scattering ashes in public spaces, there are varying local requirements regarding parks, beaches, gardens and sporting grounds. It’s always important to check carefully beforehand. For example, it is not permitted to scatter ashes at the MCG or Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

There are also some beautiful rituals involving scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea but it’s important to understand the regulations.

If you plan to scatter ashes on a private property, other than your own, first check with the owner. You’ll probably need to consider who else will be around at the time and plan your scattering ritual. A peaceful, quiet time is important so you can relax and be fully present with what you are doing. On a practical note, we advise against scattering on windy or rainy days.

If you wish to take your loved one’s ashes to a place overseas that has meaning for them, or you, The Department of Health outlines the fact that most international airlines do allow human ashes to be carried by passengers on international flights. It is recommended that you contact the airline as they may require you to carry them in luggage. You will no doubt need the cremation certificate too.

So, how do you scatter the ashes?

First of all, you will need to be prepared. Opening the plastic container in which they are delivered in is not easy. The crematorium makes sure they are very secure because of the nature of the conents.

We usually suggest using a screwdriver or some other similar sturdy tool to lever open the hole. So if you are going somewhere to scatter them, make sure you are prepared with the right tools, or it will be will be a frustrating venture. You may wish to check with the funeral home you received them from on any ways to make the process simpler.

Words to say when scattering ashes

And finally, what do you say when you scatter them? Well of course this is up to you!

If you are creating a ritual as part of your ceremony, you could talk to your celebrant about some special words, but if you are scattering your loved one’s ashes on your own or with your family, you might like to have a moment’s silence, tell their favourite joke, read a poem or toast them with a glass of something special.

Creating our own family rituals and traditions is important in connecting everyone at life’s big moments like saying goodbye.

What is Tomorrow Funerals?

We are a new type of funeral home. We believe that finding genuine and new ways to honour your loved one can be an important step in starting your grief journey.

Our one simple funeral package includes:

  • a dignified cremation + transfers + death certificates + hand delivery of ashes
  • our Stories Bundle includes a tribute video + a website with online guestbook dedicated to your loved one + bound keepsake book + design of printed material for the memorial
  • finally, we carefully match you with one of our wonderful celebrants who will take time to plan a unique memorial event tailored specifically to your person

Here are some ideas and venues for holding an extraordinary ‘memorial style’ funeral.

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