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Sustainable ways to intern ashes

As more Australians choose cremation over burial, the decision around what to do with the cremated remains of their loved ones is an important one.

Scattering ashes is the right choice for some, whilst others prefer to find a more permanent location – a place they can visit and feel close to the person who has passed away. The phrase ‘internment of ashes’ refers to placing cremation ashes in a permanent location.

At Tomorrow Funerals, we help our clients make choices that feel authentic when it comes to the death of a loved one. Sometimes this means a less traditional approach, so that instead of interning ashes in a niche wall at a cemetery or a mausoleum, a family might embrace the concept of a memorial tree, or legacy forest.

Added to all this is that fact that more people are seeking out sustainable funeral options. Carbon neutral funerals in Melbourne are a relatively new concept, but this is fast changing.

However, simply planting a tree at home and interning the ashes in the ground, or even scattering them in a garden can be problematic. Cremation ashes have a very high pH and salt content which is not good for the soil or the tree. In fact it’s proven to be harmful to soil health and ecosystems. Also, once a tree is planted there is the issue of what to do when a family moves to a new location.

Environmentally friendly ways to scatter ashes

Luckily there are now some wonderful alternatives for spreading ashes in Victoria. We love the idea of choosing a modern memorial estate and interning the cremated ashes in their beautiful, natural environments.

As experts in interning ashes, these businesses treat the ashes first, so they can nurture and sustain a tree. It means a visits to the park can become a wonderful family tradition – remembering your person whilst also enjoying nature.

This concept is an excellent choice for families looking for what can be called a ‘green burial’ or a more environmentally friendly approach to cremation.

The estates offers only perpetual tenure, which means it guarantees a lifetime garden and site maintenance – a place to visit without a request to pay for further tenure.

Here are two memorial estates that we highly recommend:

Wooling Hill Estate

Located north of Melbourne in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Wooling Hill Memorial Estate is a stunning, private memorial park.

The business believes that “memories are forever.” Costs start at $3,500, covering the ashes interment, personal memorial space and sustainability report of your living legacy.

You might choose to begin a family legacy with a tree planting ceremony that could become the site for future memorials, or become a part of an established tree memorial.

Mornington Green

Mornington Green is located in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. It’s a serene botanical garden situated about an hour south of Melbourne.

Their mission is to “connect people to the beauty that life creates by planting living memorial forests which honour and perpetuate life.” Their’s is the first botanical garden whose sole vision is to plant ‘legacy trees.’ They treat the ashes scientifically to create living molecules in accordance with standards adopted by the Australian Government.

The remains are then placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where loved ones can come and visit at any time.

Planting a tree at Mornington Green, also ensures the support of new forests and habitat for endangered species like the mainland Quokka and Black Cockatoo.

Whatever you decide we are here to help make the very best decision for your personal situation.

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