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Featured – Tomorrow Funerals in the news

‘The Age’ profiling new Australian funeral business

With a brand new funeral concept being offered in Melbourne, Sydney and in other cities around Australia, the team at Tomorrow Funerals are pleased they are being noticed!


The Melbourne based funeral home offers a modern & simple package that allows family to create personalised send offs following a cremation, for their loved ones. Read the article published ‘The Sunday Age’ Sunday 17th September, 2023.

Embracing Modern Farewells: Tomorrow Funerals Continues to Make Waves in the Australian Funeral Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of funeral services, Tomorrow Funerals has emerged as a pioneer, redefining the way Australians bid farewell to their loved ones. The innovative funeral concept introduced by Tomorrow Funerals has garnered attention not only in Melbourne but also in Sydney and other cities across Australia. The team at Tomorrow Funerals is not just pleased but also proud to witness the recognition they are receiving.

A Unique Approach to Farewell

What sets Tomorrow Funerals apart is their commitment to offering a modern and straightforward package that empowers families to create personalized send-offs following cremation. In a society increasingly valuing individuality, Tomorrow Funerals recognizes the importance of tailoring farewells to celebrate the unique lives of those who have passed away.

The Sunday Age Spotlights Tomorrow Funerals

The acknowledgment of Tomorrow Funerals’ groundbreaking approach was recently highlighted in an article published by ‘The Sunday Age’ on September 17th, 2023. The article not only shed light on the innovative funeral concept but also delved into the impact it’s making on the funeral industry in Australia.

As ‘The Age’ delves into the intricacies of Tomorrow Funerals, it becomes evident that the Melbourne-based funeral home is not just a service provider but a catalyst for change. The modern and simple funeral package offered by Tomorrow Funerals is designed with the intention of giving families the flexibility and control they need during the challenging process of saying goodbye.

Personalized Send-offs for Lasting Memories

Tomorrow Funerals believes that every life is unique, and the final farewell should reflect that individuality. Their approach goes beyond the traditional norms of funeral services, allowing families to create personalized and meaningful send-offs that resonate with the personality and essence of their departed loved ones.

The article in ‘The Sunday Age’ underscores the positive impact of Tomorrow Funerals on the grieving process. Families are embracing the opportunity to celebrate lives in a way that goes beyond the conventional, fostering a sense of closure and remembrance that lasts.

Expanding Horizons: Tomorrow Funerals Across Australia

While based in Melbourne, Tomorrow Funerals is extending its services to Sydney and various other cities across Australia. The positive reception and attention from ‘The Age’ indicate a growing interest and acceptance of Tomorrow Funerals’ unique funeral concept. As the demand for personalized and modern farewells continues to rise, Tomorrow Funerals stands at the forefront, ready to meet the evolving needs of grieving families.

In conclusion, Tomorrow Funerals is not just a funeral service provider; it is a symbol of innovation in an industry rooted in tradition. The spotlight from ‘The Age’ further validates the significance of Tomorrow Funerals in redefining the way Australians approach farewells. As the journey continues, Tomorrow Funerals remains committed to providing a compassionate and personalized experience for families navigating the challenging waters of saying goodbye.

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