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Funeral costs in Melbourne & why we offer one transparent price!

How much is a funeral in Melbourne?

When it comes to the cost of funerals in Melbourne, prices can range anywhere from a few thousand to much, much more! In fact, asking how much a funeral costs, or even the cost of a cremation in Melbourne, is a bit like asking; how long is a piece of string? What you’ll actually spend is anyone’s guess.

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Yes – on one hand, the cost of funerals in Melbourne can be extremely, (and often unnecessarily) expensive.

Then again, if you’re looking for Melbourne’s cheapest cremation or a budget funeral, you will also find funeral homes offering inexpensive services. But in some cases, this will mean cutting corners to make a profit. In terms of care, transportation, and cremation of a loved one, many families will draw the line at a ‘cheapest is best’ mentality when it comes to funerals.

If you’re at all confused, please know – we understand!

And this is exactly why, at Tomorrow Funerals, we focus on our single, transparent package for our memorial style funerals.

Unlike a traditional funeral home, we pride ourselves on keeping the funeral elements simple. Our package includes everything you need for a dignified cremation, followed by a beautiful, customised memorial event, all at one easy to understand price.

No upselling. No hidden extras – in fact no salespeople at all. Put simply, we do not believe the grieving process should involve being sold to.

So what exactly is a Tomorrow Funeral?

At Tomorrow Funerals we focus on cremations, followed by modern, memorial style funerals.

Our memorial style funerals are arranged AFTER the cremation. This is designed to give you the chance to create a life celebration that reflects your loved one’s life. It means taking a little more time to plan the event, ensuring you get the satisfaction of doing it really well and making sure the all the people you need to have there, can be.

Unless you specifically request it, your memorial event will not be held at a chapel or church, instead, you’ll will choose a venue that reflects the style and personality of your loved one. This ensures every Tomorrow funeral is completely unique!

Why should I choose Tomorrow?

These days, most Australians (almost 70%) choose cremation over burial. The simple fact is that the traditional funeral model engaged by most funeral homes is based on an a very old, religious style service that suits burial, not cremation. Cremation offers so much more flexibility in terms of where a memorial event can be held and what it can look like. 

We believe that crafting a fitting and personalised memorial event – one that reflects the life lived, is an important step in saying goodbye to your loved one. A remarkable memorial brings a community together at one of life’s most challenging stages, so for us, it’s both satisfying and important work.

Because Tomorrow is a celebrant-led business that pairs a simple, dignified cremation with a customised memorial event we enable our customers to focus on what’s important – creating a more personalised and authentic memorial event.

At Tomorrow we bring a human approach to an outdated tradition. A seamless cremation followed by a bespoke memorial service in one transparent package.

We’re passionate about providing the best care for your loved one and helping families find new and better ways to celebrate life.

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