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Tribute videos for memorial services

At Tomorrow Funerals, included in our memorial package are a whole host of special extras that we call our ‘Stories Bundle.’

At the heart of this is a tribute video with photos and music which could be played at the memorial event (and will also added to the permanent memorial website we build for each of our clients.)

In addition to a full cremation service and experienced celebrant, this all-inclusive memorial package is designed to give you everything you need to create a beautiful, personal life celebration.

The following information outlines what we need to produce the tribute video.

Tomorrow’s Tribute Video

Our quality, tribute videos are a seamless montage of your treasured photos combined with music that sum up the life of your person.

About your photos:

1. The tribute video can only be as good as the quality of photos you send us. We suggest cropping and improving the images before sending them to us, if you want this done in any particular way.

2. If you have actual physical photos (as opposed to digital ones) you will need to have them converted to digital versions. You may have someone who can help you with this. The best solution is to scan the images and crop them using any photo editing tools on your computer, but if this is not possible then many of our clients simply take a photo of them with their phones, (but this can limit the quality.)

3. We will put the photos into the video, in the order in which you specify. Some families are not concerned about the order, but others prefer them to be in chronological order (or roughly in chronical order.) The best way to ensure the ordering is correct is to save each file using an easy to understand numbering system (eg. 1.DavidBowie, 2.DavidBowie.)

4. Also, please send us an email with your choice of song.

How do we send you the photos?

We want to keep this as simple as possible for you. So please keep in touch and talk to us about the format of your photos, if this is confusing for you.

Our preferred way to receive the images is via a Google Drive link, which we can send to you.

How many photos should we supply?

As a rule of thumb, to create a video that is around 3- 5 minutes in length, we would need between 30 to 50 photos. We think this number works well as it allows us to show each photo for at least 5 seconds and have the whole video last the length of one song.

Any more than 50 photos will mean that the time each image is displayed on screen will need to be less than 5 seconds and this does not give viewers enough time to reflect on them. 

How will Tomorrow know what order to put them in?

We will place the photos into the same order that they are placed into the file. Our preference for ordering is to have each file named in number order, from 1 upwards.

What are the dimensions of the tribute video?

The slide dimensions are 1920 x 1080 px. We can resize images to fit the slides, or you can edit photos yourself with any necessary cropping.

What about the quality of the photos?

If you are adding photos that are ‘photos of photos’, then we recommend you do any resizing or cropping of backgrounds before sending to us, because whatever is scanned is what will appear on the video.

Don’t worry too much if scans of old photos are a bit grainy – they have a certain character. However, please be aware that they will appear as such in the video.

If you do want to ensure your photographic memories are the absolute best quality, we can supply you with the details of a photographic specialist.

What photo should be last?

We play the closing image a little longer than the others to create a reflective ending. Think carefully about what image you want to end on.

Other video tributes…

Recently, an online video platform called VidDay, was recommended to us by a family who wanted to create an ‘extra’ video for their memorial day. On top of the tribute video we made for them, this extra video was complied of video phone messages from family members.

. . .

We hope this guide has helped you.

We look forward to sharing your beautiful tribute video with you, as a permanent part of your family’s personal history.

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