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What is an advanced care plan?

An Advance Care Plan is created from your perspective, and functions as a guide for your family, friends and medical practitioners who might be involved in the choices that are made about your health, in the future.


Advance Care Planning is a process adults (at any age or stage of health) take to contemplate and communicate their preferences, personal values and life goals regarding future medical care.

We have created a detailed ‘end of life wishes’ checklist here, which includes some advanced care planning. It also allows you to consider other end of life choices such as where you would prefer to die, whether you wish to be cremated or buried and other preferences around your funeral.

Filling in our template which can be downloaded here would be a good first step in terms of your end of life wishes.

Why should I make an advanced care plan?

Having a considered Advance Care Plan might be beneficial at time when you are unable to speak or communicate for yourself, or if there is an emergency.

How do I make an advanced care plan?

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) is a is a national program funded by the Australian Government. If you are in Australia, you can begin the process of making a more formal, legal binding version, called an Advanced Care Directive here.

You will need to consult a medical practitioner if you choose to complete this instructional directive.

What are some questions I should consider as part of an advanced care plan?

  • Who would I want to speak for me if could not speak for myself?
  • Who should make medical decisions for me if I am unable to make them myself?
  • Have I discussed what I want with that person?
  • What sorts of things are important and meaningful for me in life?
  • Might there be any disagreement among my family, friends or carers about my wishes?
  • Do I know yet what medical treatments I would or would not want, if my doctors thought I was unlikely to survive?
  • Do I know where I would, or would not want to be cared for if I was unable to care for myself?

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