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Why you don’t need a funeral director, when planning a celebration of life!

Traditionally, funeral directors coordinate the logistical elements of funeral planning. But the harsh reality is that in many cases, funeral homes employ funeral directors to help them upsell on items like:

  • A host of confusing packages
  • Coffins – pushing higher priced options
  • Coffin handles
  • Burial sites
  • Booking of chapels
  • Flowers (yes, the funeral home is getting a cut)
  • A viewing of your loved one (extra costs)
  • Embalming (which might be necessary to preserve them, if you are having a viewing or open coffin)
  • Fancy cars and hearses
  • Tribute videos
  • Stationery – from thank you cards to ‘order of service’ documents
  • And much more!

We believe there’s a better way to plan a funeral?

Unlike a traditional funeral home, Tomorrow Funerals focuses on keeping the funeral elements simple, whilst creating a truly remarkable life celebration, that shines a light on your loved one.

And most importantly, we do not believe that the grieving experience should ever include being ‘sold to.’ This means, we pride ourselves on offering one single package that includes everything needed to create a very special memorial event, at one all-inclusive price.

Our funerals are usually conducted in life affirming locations – beautiful event spaces, galleries, gardens or even at home, as opposed to outdated funeral chapels.

We focus less on what we call the ‘funeraly bits,’ and spend more time, effort, love (and budget) on the memorial event itself. Put simply, we exist to help families create meaningful, bespoke funerals that are different to what you might expect from a standard funeral in a chapel.

What is included in the Tomorrow Funeral package?

At Tomorrow Funerals we offer one simple package which costs $6,800. It includes everything required to plan a remarkable memorial event, such as:

  • a dignified, quality cremation in an eco-friendly coffin at a local crematorium
  • all transfers of your loved one
  • all paperwork, death certificates etc.
  • Hand delivery of your person’s ashes back to you with a little gift.
  • an experienced, dedicated celebrant to help you plan the event
  • a personal memorial website featuring your loved one
  • a tribute video including photos and music of your loved one
  • design of thank you cards
  • design of ‘order of service’ cards
  • a life-story picture book

We’ll be with you from start to finish, managing the entire process and ensuring that we create a remarkable experience.

And if you decide you need additional services, like catering, flowers, live music or anything else to make your event extrordinary, we’ll use our experience in event planning to help you research, but we will make sure you book directly with those suppliers. You will never pay us any additional fees and we will not take a cut on these extras.

What is different about a Tomorrow Funeral?

The key difference to a traditional funeral is that our memorial style funerals are arranged AFTER the cremation.

This is designed to give you the time and flexibility you need to plan such an important event, whilst laying your loved one to rest straight away.

Just some of the advantages of holding your memorial event AFTER the cremation are as follows:

  • your loved one will not be held in storage waiting for the funeral, instead they will be cremated soon after they come into our care
  • your loved one will not need to be embalmed or have other chemical preparations that make them look more presentable
  • There is no rush you to book the ceremony. You can take as long or as little time as you like – this enables you to wait for important people who may need to travel. It also means you can wait till you feel ready to celebrate their life
  • By removing the logistical challenge of having a coffin present at the ceremony, the whole funeral can become much more bespoke, personalised, and cost effective. Instead of choosing an outdated chapel, you can select any venue that fits with the style and personality of your loved one, making every Tomorrow funeral completely unique.

Tomorrow is the first Australian funeral business to focus entirely on ‘cremation followed by memorial’ style funerals.

We believe this option makes a huge difference to what’s possible in personalising the funeral.

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