Our Story

Why We Started Tomorrow

Meet founders Luke and Kate. Hear their story and why they created Tomorrow.

What we believe

What does it mean to farewell and celebrate the lives of those we love?

We believe that fundamental changes in the funeral industry are long overdue. In fact, the way funerals are conducted today is largely the same as they were a century ago.

At Tomorrow, we’ve reimagined funerals with a focus on celebrating your loved one in the style in which they lived their lives.

We don’t do cookie cutter funerals in the same old stale funeral parlours. We don’t bombard you with confusing funeral lingo and costly extras.

We speak your language. We value transparency. We take care of you.

We believe we can make every send off a memorable one for all the right reasons. We want to give you permission to throw away the rule book.

We’re here for a whole generation of people yearning for something modern.

Luke & Kate


I’m Founder and CEO of Tomorrow – looking after everything from coffee making to leading our team in order to ensure that we can continue to deliver amazing services to our clients. At my funeral, I hope that my celebrant can tell the story about someone who always had time to spend with his family despite starting a business that changed the way we think about funerals, lived a year in Italy and shot a hole in one.



I believe that creating authentic ceremonies can be an important step in moving through grief, so in my role as Head of Memorials, I’m focused on ensuring that our services continue to help our clients create genuine ways to honour and farewell their loved ones. At my own funeral, I hope my family will be proud that I helped breathe life into the death industry; that I lived each day to the full and that my chicken curry was always better than my sister’s.



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