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Fingerprint jewellery in Melbourne: a memorial keepsake to remember someone special

At Tomorrow Funerals we feel fortunate to meet many wonderful fellow service providers to the funeral industry.

Recently, we came across Koby Lavery and her incredible business Pure Charm. With her husband Tristan, Koby’s business specialises in making finger print jewellery in Melbourne. The pieces are made using the fingerprints (or handwriting) of people who have passed away.

Koby’s team visit the funeral business before the cremation or burial. With great care and respect, they then capture the unique fingerprint, handprint or footprint of the person who has died. The impressions are later used to create cherished fingerprint jewellery in silver or gold.

What began as a creative outlet for Koby, has grown into something profound and meaningful. Over 13 years, Pure Charm has grown so that in 2022, her husband Tristan joined, to help Koby capture the fingerprints, manage the business and take care of the couple’s children.

Koby explained, “Our family dynamic blends seamlessly with the essence of Pure Charm Memorial. We cherish every moment with our loved ones and extend that care to the families we serve. In nurturing both our family and our business, we find strength, purpose and a deep connection with those we have the privilege of helping. Our love becomes the guiding light in immortalising the memories that matter most.”

Koby, how did you become a memorial jeweller?

My journey with Pure Charm Jewellery began in 2010, driven by my sentimental nature and love for art. When our first child, Cooper, arrived, I discovered the beauty of fingerprint jewellery – a unique keepsake unlike any other in a world of mass-produced pieces.

Instead of buying one, I immersed myself in learning the craft and set up a small workspace at home while balancing part-time work. My husband, Tristan, wholeheartedly supported my passion, encouraging me to pursue this path of joy. As the years passed and our family grew with the arrival of Alex, the business flourished through word-of-mouth recommendations.

A turning point came three years later when Heritage Funerals sought a fingerprint impression for a grieving family. Despite initial hesitation, I took on the task and realised the profound impact of this service—something truly special that no one else offered in the funeral industry.

Since then, creating fingerprint jewellery has become my primary focus, and I consider it my life’s purpose to provide this meaningful service. Crafting these keepsakes allows me to weave lasting connections between cherished memories and treasured jewellery, leaving behind a legacy of love for generations to come.

What do you enjoy about making memorial jewerllery?

Working in the death industry brings us fulfillment through the meaningful impact we can make during times of grief. Providing comfort and support to families facing loss is a privilege we both cherish. We get to create something in essence with the dearly departed’s input through their last physical touch, which is a humbling and rewarding experience.

What are the challenges of your job creating fingerprint jewellery?

Navigating the challenges of my job requires a delicate balance of sensitivity and resilience. One of the primary challenges lies in witnessing the profound grief and sorrow experienced by the families I serve. It can be emotionally taxing, and I must continually find ways to provide comfort and support while maintaining my own well-being.

Additionally, managing the various aspects of running a business, from handling orders and administrative tasks to maintaining communication with clients and funeral homes, can be demanding, especially during busy periods.

Nonetheless, I believe that embracing these challenges is essential in delivering the highest level of service to families in their time of need. Each obstacle provides an opportunity for growth and a chance to strengthen the connection I have with the families I care for, making my work all the more meaningful and fulfilling.

What are your favourite keepsake jewellery pieces and why?

Choosing a favourite among my jewellery range is tough since each holds a special place in my heart. Yet, the angel wing and the hollow butterfly pendant stand out for me. I chose these designs when I created my own keepsakes featuring my two boys’ fingerprints, making them exceptionally dear to me. I wear them daily.

Additionally, I take immense pride in creating a family pendant set, a truly special ensemble where each individual piece showcases a segment of all four prints. This exquisite creation embodies the bond that unites us as a family, ensuring that we carry a piece of each other wherever we go.

Do you find there are unusual requests and how do you handle that?

Yes, in our line of work, we do encounter some unusual requests from time to time. Each family’s journey is unique, and their personal stories and preferences can lead to creative and extraordinary ideas for their memorial keepsakes. We love the challenge of creating custom pieces.

Once we have a clear understanding of the families request, we get together and brainstorm how we can bring their ideas to life. It’s essential to handle unusual requests with sensitivity and respect, ensuring that the family feels heard and valued throughout the process

In what way do you feel your role as a fingerprint jewellery, is meaningful?

My role in crafting memorial fingerprint jewellery is incredibly meaningful to me on both a personal and professional level. I have the privilege of helping families preserve the memories of their loved ones in a tangible and heartfelt manner. Each piece I create holds a profound emotional connection, as it carries the unique fingerprint of someone they cherished deeply.

Witnessing the comfort and solace that these memorial pieces bring to grieving families reaffirms the importance of my work. Knowing that I play a small part in helping them find moments of peace amidst their sorrow is both humbling and fulfilling.

What Services and Products do you offer families who have lost loved ones?

We offer a unique range of services and products to honor departed loved ones. Our specialty lies in crafting beautiful fingerprint impressions keepsakes, available in silver, gold, or gold-plated finishes. We also provide personalised options based on the preferences of the family.

When we collect fingerprints, we carefully create impressions of all fingers using silicone molds and also capture digital images. This considerate approach allows the family to take their time in deciding on keepsakes, providing them with the necessary space to care for themselves and their loved ones without additional stress or pressure.

Moreover, we offer thoughtful ways to incorporate cremation ashes, either by embedding them into the metal keepsakes for visible remembrance or providing elegant vessels in steel, silver, or gold. We also offer a variety of options for casting hands or feet in plaster.

Thanks Koby and Tristan for the important work you do.

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