Remarkable Memorials.

A memorial style funeral happens AFTER the cremation, a traditional style funeral happens BEFORE.

This simple change can make a huge difference to what’s possible.

Learn why more Australians are choosing this option.

Why Choose a Tomorrow


More Authentic Funerals

Choice of venue and style is limited only by your imagination. This could be simple, or it could be sensational – whatever feels true to the life of your loved one.

More Cost Effective

A memorial makes the funeral parts simple – no money is spent on expensive coffins, coffin handles, or funeral director staff.

More Life, Less Death

You’ll barely need to liaise with a funeral director – let alone spend time at a funeral parlour or outdated chapel. Spend your time planning a personalised farewell.

Less Stress, More Control

There’s no rush to plan and organise your ceremony within a week of the death. You are in total control of the scheduling.

1. Collection:

When you notify us that a death has occurred, we will arrange to collect your loved one and transfer them into our care.

2. Cremation:

We organise the cremation in an eco-friendly coffin at a local crematorium. This includes all paperwork like death certificates and then personally return the ashes.

3. Celebrant:

We carefully match you with an experienced celebrant, who will be there to support you through the entire process.

4. Stories:

We believe that every story deserves to be told in just the right way. Our ‘stories bundle’ includes a personal memorial website, tribute video & life-story picture book to reflect the life of your loved one.

5. Memorial:

A truly remarkable memorial will look different for every person. We’ll take the time to create and deliver the perfect event that tells the story of your loved ones life.


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