Pre-plan your funeral.

We offer a free 30 minute, one-on-one ‘Celebration of Life Workshop’.

We will provide expert advice to help you plan every detail, from all the funeral elements through to venue & music choices, plus advice on how to prepay for a funeral bond, if this is something you wish to do.

We will then email you, your own personalised memorial event plan, for you to share with your important people.

You can pre-plan for this today, taking away the need to ever worry about it again.

We take care of


We believe that finding genuine ways to celebrate your life can be an important step for your family and friends to start their grief journey.


Our package includes:

• All of the FUNERAL ELEMENTS including cremation, transfers, eco-friendly coffin, paperwork & death certificates

• A CELEBRANT to help plan, write & run your bespoke memorial event, which could be held at a Tomorrow partner venue or anywhere else

• A tribute video
• Designs for ‘order of service’ & thank-you cards
• Their very own memorial website
• A life-story picture book

How it works



You might like to independently put aside funds to prepay for your funeral. We can offer advice on how to set this up with an external provider of funeral bonds, but only if this is important to you!

The Key

to a great event

is planning. Our ‘Celebration of Life Workshop’ gives you the chance to discuss all your funeral wishes. This is a wonderful gift to your friends & family, when the time comes.



Tomorrow will provide a seamless service in one transparent package. This includes a dignified cremation and personalised memorial service, plus lots of special extras.

Dignified Cremation

We can arrive within 2 hours to collect your loved one and transfer them into our care. We’ll liaise with you to arrange all the necessary legal paperwork and book in the cremation at a local crematorium.

We do not offer options for coffins or coffin handles. Instead, we proceed with an eco-friendly coffin. By doing the cremation straight away, we remove the need for mortuary preparation or excessive handling & storage of the body, enabling us to complete this step with absolute dignity.

We’ll hand deliver the ashes back to you, generally within a week.

Tomorrow Stories Bundle

Included in our single price package are a whole host of personalised extras.

We believe that a memorial is a story – one that reflects the life of your loved one and deserves to be told.

Tribute Video

We’ll produce a quality tribute video with your favourite photos, accompanied by the music of your choice. If you wish, after the service, we will add this video to the permanent website (see below) so you can watch it again and again!

Order of Service + Cards + Poster

We’ll personally design any printed items you require for the service, for example: ‘order of service’ booklets, thank you postcards or feature posters. We’ll hand over the ‘print-ready’ files to you for printing. How many copies you want printed and the quality of print are then at your discretion and can be ordered directly from your printer. (Or we will help you arrange this.)


We’ll create a privately-linked website dedicated to your loved one – this will include a summary of their story and the details of the memorial event. The site is also used as an invitation and guestbook, where family and friends can leave messages.

Check out our example website for David Bowie here.

Bound life-story picture book

After the event, we will deliver a hard cover tribute book of all the beautiful photos you have taken time to gather. This becomes a special keepsake for future generations to enjoy.

Celebrant Led Memorial

Our celebrants are chosen because they are the best, the most creative and experienced with a fresh take on honouring a life.

We carefully match our clients with the right celebrant who will listen and support through the entire process and craft a truly personalised memorial event that takes into account the life lived. Your celebrant will essentially replace the role of the funeral director, as they’ll be your main point of contact throughout.

Your celebrant will get to know your life and use this information to help design the most suitable memorial event. Our clients are offered the option to host the service at one of our partner venues – beautiful restaurants or function venues that also host weddings and other events. These venues offer our clients the option to hold the event free of charge with no minimum spend requirements. (Food and beverage costs are paid directly to the venue at your own discretion.) Alternatively, you might choose any other venue or even hold the service at your home or special place.

We want to ensure that families are never limited by the packages we offer. That’s why we have created the one single fixed price package that includes everything you need to host a beautiful funeral, including the venue. But if you want to spend more money and pay for things like catering, styling or a live band, then you are absolutely free to do so. Your celebrant will help with recommendations and suggestions and we let you book directly with the suppliers.

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Pre-plan session

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