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Funeral Flowers Melbourne: Flowers for memorial services

Beautiful blooms are often one of the first things you think about when creating a ‘life celebration’ like a funeral or memorial. In fact there’s something very special about flowers at funerals – the aroma, the symbolism and the beauty! Read on for a comprehensive guide to funeral flowers in Melbourne.

At Tomorrow we specialise in creating meaningful, authentic memorial ceremonies, as opposed to traditional funerals. This means that instead of needing casket flowers or coffin arrangements, you might prefer to decorate the room with vases of flowers or more modern flower arrangements or possibly home grown blooms.

At Tomorrow, if you book additional services like funeral flowers (which are outside our package,) we will never take a cut on the cost. This means there is no incentive to us for you to spend more money. But in helping create a beautiful event, we will give you recommendations (see a list of funeral flowers in Melbourne by our favourite Melbourne florists below.)

DIY funeral flowers

When it comes to flowers for funerals the options are endless and will depend on your budget. 

A meaningful way to remember a loved one could be to simply pick flowers from your own garden or, if the person you are celebrating was an avid gardener, from theirs.

Another DIY idea we love is to ask gusts to bring one beautiful flower stem from their own gardens to be included in a larger mixed bunch. This could even become a part of the ceremony itself.

For example, on arrival guests could place their flower in a vase on a central table with photos and candles to be used as a focal point during the ceremony. Included could be aromatics like lavender, rosemary – it could become a very special memorial bouquet!

However, when it comes to DIY flowers, be careful not to do too much. If you are also making a speech or self-catering, try not to over do it! There is always more planning than might be initially visible to the naked eye! And if you’re not used to putting flowers together, believe us, a good florist simply makes things look easy.

Florists are experienced and a good one will do an amazing job to help at what can be a difficult time. (Again see our recommendations below!)

Sending flowers after a death

Sympathy, or bereavement flowers make the perfect gift when you don’t know what to say or what else to send after someone dies. Flowers are always a thoughtful and special gift to receive. They act as a message of love, support, comfort and beauty.

Traditionally white flowers, a symbol of purity and sympathy are sent after the loss of a loved one. But increasingly, bright and colourful flowers are chosen to represent a happy and colourful life. Or you might choose flowers in a favourite colour (or the favourite flower) of the person who has died.

colourful flowers
Pomp and Splendour

Funeral Flowers Melbourne: Melbourne’s Best Florists

Here is a list of our favourite Melbourne flower businesses who will take the very best care of you.

Vasette – Fitzroy

We work in a gentle and supportive manner, with deeply personal guidance to ensure that your flowers reflect a loved one’s individual and authentic personality.

Our 30 years of experience and professionalism will lighten your load a little as we go above and beyond to take care of your needs and allow you to otherwise focus your time where it is needed most.

We have a specialist team to help guide you through our beautiful tribute florals.

If you are looking to honour the life of someone passed, and would like to see a selection of our past tributes, contact our team on +61 3 9419 4988.

Pomp & Spendour – Brunswick East

There is so much sense memory connecting flowers to memories of the ones we love. Sometimes it’s a particular perfume, a season or a colour palette, it could be a song about a certain flower or flowers that our loved one grew or adored. It’s an honour to be able to weave the essence of memory and the natural world together to honour, to commemorate and celebrate.”

Petal and Sage – Black Rock

Petal and Sage offer bespoke floral arrangements to suit any need, or budget. We believe lives should be celebrated and choosing to drape your venue with fresh florals helps bring vibrance and love to any space. We are based in Bayside, Melbourne but we can arrange flowers for wider Melbourne, Inner City, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula if needed.

Flowers By Cassy – Cheltenham

“Flowers enhance life’s special moments. They help us be comforted and express our emotions during loss.

Located in Cheltenham, we offer bespoke floral arrangements from $66. We even take care of delivery, liaising with venues so you don’t need to worry about a thing.”

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