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Melbourne’s best funeral celebrants

If you’re planning a funeral in Melbourne, an amazing celebrant is going to make a big difference to your event. At Tomorrow Funerals we specialise in very personal celebrations of life.

To us, the role of a great funeral celebrant cannot be understated. As well as offering solace and support at a very difficult time, a fantastic celebrant will set the tone for the day and offer you a great deal of guidance about the day. They might also help put together the story of your person’s life and deliver it in a way that connects with your guests.

The best Melbourne funeral celebrants are creative, compassionate and can think on their feet. Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative funeral celebrant or someone more down to earth? Maybe a modern funeral celebrant will suit your family or someone who can deliver an emotional rollercoaster of a ceremony!

At Tomorrow, we concentrate on creating unique life celebrations. So finding the best Melbourne funeral celebrants is one of the most important elements. The celebrant’s fee is also included in our simple funeral package.

We asked Melbourne’s best funeral celebrants a few questions about why their love the job. Follow the links to read more:

Funeral Celebrant, Klara McMurray

Klara McMurray is also referred to as Melbourne’s ‘funkiest funeral celebrant’. If you’re looking for a little bit of a rock’n’roll vibe to rock up in her leopard-skin suit, or if you simply want someone wonderful, caring and down-to-earth, then Klara might be your gal!

Funera Celebrant, Sandra Jason

Sandra Jason Sandra has a unique ability to bring emotional sensitivity, practical experience and an understated eloquence to the task. Her professionalism, compassion and kindness make her a Celebrant we are proud to have on board.

Funeral Celebrant, Zena Lythgo

Zena Lythgo is based in Geelong and we are so proud to have her on our team. How could we not love her when she describes herself like this: “I drink cups of tea as big as my head, like to hula hoop, listen to podcasts & go on road trips in my campervan, Nel.”

Funeral Celebrant, Rachael Angus

Rachael Angus has officiated over 1500 services in the past decade, she is in demand for creating highly personalised ceremonies.

Rachael is also a Funeral Celebrant Trainer and End-of-Life Coach.

Funeral Celebrant, Alison Saunders

Alison Saunders takes her vocation as both marriage and funeral celebrant seriously. At the same she’s fun and passionate – full of love and empathy. Alison claims to be obsessed with things that start with “W” – Words, Wine, Wonder, Whisky and Wellness. She’s also partial to superhero movies.

Funeral Celebrant, Annie Martin

Annie Martin loves to listen to people’s stories, craft prose and she adores public speaking. And as a celebrant, Annie says she believes strongly in the benefits of ceremony and ritual in our lives. She explained, “I know the importance they bring to us in periods of transition whether this is a marriage, a birth, a death, or a changing of identity.”

Funeral Celebrant, Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan is our own Head of Memorials at Tomorrow Funerals. Kate is a founding partner of the business and is passionate about creating authentic ceremonies. Kate says “I believe that creating authentic ceremonies can be an important step in moving through grief.”

Funeral Celebrant, Steven King

Steven King is a people’s person. Steve brings life experiences, like his counselling role during the AIDS crises in the 1980s and his advocacy for marriage equality to his work. He specialises in working within the LGBTIQA+ funeral space.

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