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Our ‘Cremation Only’ Package

Tomorrow Funerals is a ‘cremation-only’ funeral business that services all of Metropolitan Melbourne (including the Mornington Peninsula) and the Geelong region.

Tomorrow provides a modern approach that simply makes sense for many Australians who are now more comfortable with the concept of cremation and memorial-style funerals.

We believe in keeping things simple, but also do not cut costs on any of the elements in arranging a funeral. We pride ourselves on working with the very best service providers at every stage of the process.

We offer two simple packages to our clients. We do not believe in bombarding our clients with tricky packages and up-selling to them, at such a difficult time.

Our two packages are as follows:

  1. Full package: $6,800 – Our full package is explained here
  2. Cremation only package: $3,400 – Our ‘Cremation Only Package’ is explained here…

Cremation Only Package – What’s included for $3,400?

A dignified cremation

When you notify us that a death has occurred, we will arrange to collect your loved one and transfer them into our care. We can do this within 2 hours, unless you would like a little more time to say goodbye. Once they arrive, we will carefully wash their body, always treating them with the utmost respect. They will then be transferred to a local crematorium in Victoria. We will inform you of the time that the cremation is going to take place, if this is something you would like to know.

We do not offer options for coffins, coffin handles etc. Instead, we proceed with an eco-friendly coffin, keeping the process as simple and as dignified as possible.


We’ll liaise with you to complete (and order) the necessary paperwork like the death certificate. We will fill in the documents required to book in the cremation. By doing the cremation straight away, we remove the need for mortuary preparation or excessive handling & storage of the body, enabling us to complete this step with absolute dignity.

Hand delivery of ashes

We take time to personally hand deliver the ashes. After the cremation we will be in touch to arrange a time, generally within a week or two.

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Because we are not focused on being the cheapest funeral business, we do not cut costs. We’re passionate about the funeral industry and our purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of the families we work with.

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We’re always here to help

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