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Our ‘Tomorrow’ memorial candle

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – William Shakespeare

Lighting a candle is symbolic. We strike a match and light the wick on birthdays, in church… from the Jewish menorah which is lit during Hanukkah to Chinese fishing paper lanterns, a symbol of vitality and good luck for thousands of years.

We light a candle for a special meal or simply, to bring a touch of luxury to our home with a scented candle. And a remembrance candle, or sympathy candle is a lovely way to remember someone who has passed away.

At Tomorrow Funerals after each cremation, we personally hand deliver the ashes to the next of kin. And with those, we include our beautiful candle as gift for them to remember and celebrate the life of that beloved person.

Candles ‘in memoriam’ & remembrance candle

Lighting a candle for someone who has died is a ritual across many cultures. Candlelit vigils for loved ones who have passed away can represent the continuation of life after death – the candle’s light indicating that the life of the spirit has not died; only the physical body.

A candle can be lit to invoke the spirit or honour someone we love who has died. Or it might be used simply be to seek assistance from the spiritual world for healing from the pain of grief.

A memorial candle can be used as a personal ritual regularly or just occasionally.

The lighting of a remembrance candle is sometimes done at the beginning of a wedding ceremony to honour very special people connected to the couple who have died.

To buy a Tomorrow memorial candle please contact us here.

Our ‘Tomorrow’ candles have been so loved by our clients, that we are now making them available for purchase.

A sympathy candle makes a beautiful and comforting gift for someone who has experienced a bereavement. They are delivered in a calico Maison Blanche bag and are designed to shine a light on your special person.

flowers and sympathy candles
White glass jar, scented memorial candle by Tomorrow Funerals
Tomorrow memorial candle

Why Maison Blanche candles?

We partnered with the luxury candle brand, Maison Blanche to create a special, scented candle as a gift for our clients.

It was really important to us to find a candle manufacturer with high standards and a beautiful, ethically made product.

Maison Blanche’s handmade candles are poured in Sydney, Australia using the highest quality plant-based ingredients and essential and natural oils, creating beautiful fragrances.

Their candles are comprised of a GMO-free soy wax. They are also cruelty-free & vegan, bio-degradable and made from a renewable source, as well as performing well without creating soot or toxins in homes.

Fragrance is at the heart of every one of their candles and we select their most comforting, healing and uplifting scents, like ‘sea salt and thyme,’ ‘cotton and chamomile’ and ‘rose and amber.’

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