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Designing the artwork for a Tomorrow Memorial

Included in the Tomorrow Memorial package are a whole host of extras. We believe that putting all of this together in one simple package makes the difficult task of planning a funeral, just a little easier.

Our ‘Stories Bundle’ includes:

  • A tribute video
  • Design for ‘Order of Service’ & or Thank You cards
  • A life-story picture book
  • An A4 framed photo for the memorial day

We are open to other ideas if you require other designs related to the memorial day.


The cost for printing these items is not included in the package.

Printing, just like flowers and catering, is a very personalised element of a funeral where there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Our clients might not want any printing. They might want to print 10 items or decide to print 1,000 items. Because we can’t standardise the printing and offer it transparently, we commit to working hard to create a design you love, then providing the design files to give to your printer of choice. That way, the decisions around quantity and quality (like paper thickness, gloss or matte, colours etc) are at your own discretion.

You could take the design (which we will send you as a file) to Officeworks or Snap printing, or even print it at home.

Alternatively, we could put you in touch with our favourite local printer PRINTMAN who we highly recommend. Ben at Printman offers a fantastic, timely and high quality service. Much better than those standard ones mentioned above.

What we need from you

  1. Firstly, we will need you to select one feature photo of your person. We will use this image across different designs, from the memorial website to cards & other places. You can email this picture to us, or just call us if you are unsure how to send it. Contact us here.
  2. The words. We can make suggestions and go back & forth with you on this. Will you want to include a quote or other inspiring words?
  3. We ask you to choose between our 3 Tomorrow colours which we use as a highlight colour. Please select which of the following best suits your person. Or we can use plain white if you prefer.
  4. Please send your words, photo and colour choice to your celebrant as soon as possible to ensure time to design artwork.
Tomorrow Colours: BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE

Bound Tribute Book

After the event we will deliver a bound tribute book, full of photos and stories which includes your loved one’s life story and any other speeches given on the day of the memorial. This becomes a special keepsake from the day.

If there are particular speeches you wish to include please send these to us.

We’re always here to help

Call us 24-hours / 7 days on 1800 574 824
Our Journal contains our entire list of resources for creating personal memorials.
Or visit our funerals page, for more information on our unique memorial style funeral package.

Options for the design


Postcard size, these cards are usually offered at the memorial for guests to take home, but could be posted after the event. They might be placed on each seat, or at the door, or even handed out as people enter. These cards provide a nice, modern momento of the day as well as a way to thank people for their support.

. . .


Cards might be offered at the memorial for guests to take home or posted out after the event. They offer a modern momento of the day, but also the larger photo on one side could be framed by the guest. These cards also serve as a way to thank people for their support, with enough room to perhaps include extra words, part of a poem or quote.

. . .


The artwork is printed, double sided, onto an A4 page, then folded to create the 4-sided brochure.

An ‘order of service’ allows guests to follow the outline of the ceremony; who is speaking and when then are speaking. It also includes the music choices etc.

The modern design also provides a nice momento of the day and can include a thank you message, poem or quote.


The artwork is printed onto a postcard size card. A picture on one side and simple ‘order of service’ on the reverse.