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9 alternative locations to hold a memorial funeral in Sydney

At Tomorrow Funerals we believe that creating a truly authentic funeral, one that represents your loved one is incredibly important. So, if you’re organising a celebration of life or a non-traditional funeral, here is a list of alternative funeral venues to get you started. If you need further suggestions, don’t hesitate to touch base!

Sydney funeral celebrant, Oliver Thomson, one of our Sydney celebrants had some excellent ideas for tried and true locations you could hold a memorial style funeral in Sydney. They range from sophisticated, historic to modern and eclectic.

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Our one simple funeral package includes a dignified cremation and memorial package including a bound keepsake book and website dedicated to your loved one.

Additionally, we then carefully match you with one of our wonderful celebrants who will take time to plan a unique memorial event, tailored specifically for your person.

Event spaces to celebrate life!

Burnt Orange, Mossman

Places to host a memorial near Mossman

Burnt Orange: Nestled in the heart of Mosman, Burnt Orange offers a unique blend of heritage charm and modern elegance. With its inviting atmosphere and versatile spaces, it provides a warm and intimate setting for a modern memorial, fostering a sense of peace.

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay: Situated in Chowder Bay, this venue combines breathtaking waterfront views with contemporary architecture, providing a sophisticated and stylish space for a modern memorial, emphasising the celebration of life.

Places to host a memorial near Watsons Bay

Dunbar House: Situated in a beautifully restored heritage building in Watsons Bay, Dunbar House exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Its classic yet modern ambiance makes it a fitting venue for a modern memorial, providing a sense of grace and reverence.

Watsons Bay Hotel: This iconic beachside venue offers a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a memorial or life celebration. Its versatile event spaces and stunning waterfront views create a dynamic setting.

Places to host a memorial near Sydney, city

Beta Events: With its contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities, Beta Events provides a sleek and sophisticated venue for a modern style memorial. Its sleek interiors and modern amenities create a refined atmosphere for a modern celebration of life.

Beta Events

The Freedom Hub: With its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, The Freedom Hub provides a unique and meaningful venue to host a modern memorial. Its stylish interiors, combined with its mission to empower survivors of human trafficking, add depth and purpose to the commemorative event.

The Palm House: Surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flora, The Palm House in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney offers a serene and intimate space to celebrate life. Its botanical setting evokes a sense of renewal and connection with nature. Perfect for someone who has a connection with the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Places to host a memorial in the western suburbs

Newtown Hotel: Known for its eclectic charm and vibrant atmosphere, Newtown Hotel offers a modern and alternative, relaxed venue for a memorial. Its creative spaces and inclusive ethos create a welcoming environment for a family event such as a memorial.

Camperdown Commons: This community-centric venue combines sustainability and natural beauty, offering a modern and environmentally conscious space for a memorial. With its organic gardens and adaptable event spaces, it fosters a sense of unity and remembrance.

Places to host a memorial in the eastern suburbs

Centennial Homestead: Situated within Centennial Parklands, Centennial Homestead offers a serene and expansive setting for a modern memorial. Its blend of natural landscapes, contemporary architecture, and flexible event spaces provides a tranquil backdrop for reflecting on a life well-lived.

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