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Ideas for funerals: extraordinary memorials

As Australia’s first funeral business focusing exclusively on memorial funerals, we’ve put together some tips for you to think about when planning a truly remarkable life celebration.

Whilst no one wants to be in the position of planning a funeral for a loved one, it is something that we all have to face at some time. To us, creating a modern memorial event that truly reflects the life of your loved one, means finding ways to truly shine a light on who they were and tell their story with love.

We believe that when done well – with love and creativity, a memorial service can help a person begin the process of saying goodbye. It’s a really satisfying thing to do and also an act of love.

To us, creating an extraordinary memorial event is about telling their story and celebrating in the same way they lived they life.

A funeral doesn’t need to be held in a church or a chapel. You do not even have to have their body present. At Tomorrow, we believe the sky is the limit. Our celebrants are creative and will work closely with you to come up with something that truly represents your person so that you can celebrate them in a way that feels right.

girls play guitar and sing at funeral

Here are just a few ideas for funerals and non-traditional memorial services:

  • A stylish event in a beautiful room overlooking the waves at Elwood Bathers, one of our partner venues
  • What about a shared family picnic with all your loved ones favourite foods and people?
  • Instead of rushing to create an event in the weeks after the death, you could plan with more time and consideration – holding the memorial event on their birthday for example
  • An uplifting ceremony in a beautiful, modern event space where everyone is asked to wear your loved ones favourite colour
  • A ‘paddle out’ for a surf-lover, followed by scattering of ashes and a toast with their favourite tipple
  • Why not hold a simple event at your person’s favourite pub?
  • A gathering in a beautiful yoga room with a guided meditation and speakers
  • A round of golf followed by speeches in the club room, for the golfing enthusiast
  • An elegant cocktail event at a gallery for the art lover
  • A family art day at home where everyone is guided through making a tribute work of art that symbolises your loved one

We believe it’s time to re-think the whole concept of creating meaningful and memorable life celebrations. And we love being able to help our clients and their families, at what can be such a difficult time.

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