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Newsletter – Autumn ’23


Welcome to the first Tomorrow newsletter!

Each edition we will touch on important subjects like grief and where to get support. We will also include articles from our Journal Page and from time to time, introduce you to people via an interview.

Seasonal grief

Recently, we read about ‘seasonal grief,’ which is a way to describe how the changing of the seasons brings new reminders of loss.

It makes sense that changes in the weather, and in turn how and where we spend our time, what we eat, even the type of light during the day, will spark new memories of someone who has died.

It’s important to seek help when you’re struggling with your grief. Our ‘Journal Page’ includes this article, ‘Grief support in Victoria: 7 ways to find help.’.’

If we were to look at Autumn as a symbol of fall, loss, death after a ‘summer’ season of growth and of life itself, we might be able to appreciate the memories our loved one has given us – their smile, laughter, humour… How we loved them and how they loved us back.  

However, if the grief is new for you, this might seem almost impossible.

In time, you might feel able to look at those memories with appreciation for the good times. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel of your grief. Or at least, a lessening of the intensity.

Here are some simple things that might support your Autumn grief.

  • First of all, don’t fight it. Feeling your grief and learning to understand it is a step towards healing.
  • Take as good care of yourself as possible. Comforting conversations with friends and warmth can help.
  • Remind yourself that in years past, the seasons have come and gone in your life. From some losses and seasons, have come newness and possibilities.
  • Reach out to a professional grief counsellor because you deserve to have the support you need during periods of grief.
  • Try this 10 minute meditation on grief
  • If you are prone to seasonal depression, seek medical attention and treatment.
  • Try not to be too isolated, even though it’s getting cooler. Find solace alone when needed, but make plans to spend meaningful time with others too.
  • Enjoy comfort foods that warm and nourish the body and soul.

Of course, in any season, and during tough times, please reach out for support. If you are in urgent need of crisis or grief support, please contact:

  • Suicide Line: 1300 651 251 
  • Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • Griefline: 1300 845 745
  • Beyondblue: 1300 22 4636

The memorial website

Just a reminder that we can always update the memorial website if you’d like us to make small edits to the wording. Or perhaps you have a new link to add? For example, a recording of the memorial itself if you have one.

Some of our clients add a new ‘thank you message,’ to the page following the memorial. They then email and text everyone to re-visit the site – their message might include a reminder to add a note to the Guest book.

The tribute book

Recently, one of our clients ordered 10 extra copies of their keepsake book to give out as gifts to family members.

With a larger order like this, we were able to offer the books at a discounted price. The regular cost of ordering one extra book is: $70, plus $15 for postage and packaging. Contact us here if you’d like to order more books.

Podcast: ‘A Good Death’

We found this podcast interesting.

Australian journalist, Margaret Rice discusses her book ‘A Good Death,’ with Jason and Neil from Sydney.

The book which was written as a beginner’s guide to dealing with death, after Margaret lost her mother and brother in quick succession.

Your personal experience

If you would like to write about (and share with our community,) your experience of loss, grief or what it was like creating a memorial with Tomorrow, we would be very happy to publish your letters (or a part of them) in a future newsletter, (anonymously if you prefer.)

Your experience may help others and writing/ journaling can be a helpful practise. (Note: we would have to use our discretion in what we share, which we’re sure you will understand.)


Further to the above point, for now, we will share a Google Review we felt very lucky to receive earlier in the year.

“Tomorrow Funerals offered our family the most fantastic and caring service. Kate from Tomorrow worked closely with us to fine tune the memorial for mum. Our beautiful Bev had a magnificent send off as a result. The feedback from our many guests was amazing, everyone loved how smoothly the day went. A perfect venue suggestion, located right on the Bay… with a magic view setting the tone for the entire day. Many stayed well in to the evening to celebrate mum. Kate was brilliant across the entire process and post too, checking in on us all. It is extremely daunting (especially when sudden) and Kate helped us at every touchstone. Thank you Tomorrow.”

If you wish to add your own review, we would greatly appreciate it. CLICK HERE to write a review.

As a young business it makes a huge difference to new families who are thinking about working with us. And we really want to be able to help more people who are looking to celebrate a loved one in a unique way.

If you enjoyed reading this and want to read another edition, here is the Winter newsletter.

We’re always here to help

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