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Boom Baby! Planning a modern funeral for a baby boomer

Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are widely known for their impact and contribution to modern culture. From the rise of rock and roll to the invention of iconic fashion trends – think bell-bottom pants, tie-dye and hippie culture. Their influence on style and self-expression is unquestionable.

Known for their activism, baby boomers fought for equality and peace and have a strong work ethic, are optimistic and place value on relationships. As an aging generation, baby boomers prioritise health, wellness and maintaining full and active lives. In general, they live longer than generations past.

Understanding these traits is crucial when planning a funeral that captures the individualism of the generation. In fact, baby boomers themselves have inspired changes to funerals by embracing the concept of ‘a celebration of life’, as opposed to following sombre, out-dated traditions.

Losing a loved one is an emotional journey, and when that person happens to be a baby boomer, it brings unique considerations and an opportunity to create a truly meaningful farewell.

At Tomorrow Funerals, with offices in both South Yarra and Collingwood in Melbourne, and in Sydney, we specialise in creating highly personal memorial events that honour the legacy and individuality of each person.

In this guide, we have some suggestions to help you navigate the funeral planning process and create a memorable tribute for your beloved baby boomer.

Reflecting on a life well-lived

At Tomorrow Funerals, we’re all about telling stories. We believe that taking the time to reflect on your person’s life, passions and impact is important.

Location, location, location

Personalising the memorial event starts with choosing a funeral location that represents the person whose life you are celebrating. If they were not religious, why celebrate their lives in a chapel or funeral parlour? We hold memorials in pubs, art galleries, gardens, fancy restaurants and football clubs. The highest praise we receive is when a guests tells us that the person whose life we are celebrating would have loved the event themselves!

The best funeral celebrants in Melbourne and Sydney

We work with professional, modern celebrants who will listen with compassion to your stories, ensuring the memorial reflects their life in a meaningful and interesting way. Afterwards, we will design a hard cover book with the personalised story and your photos as a beautiful keepsake.

Modern memorials

Holding a memorial, instead of a funeral with coffin present, allows much more flexibility in terms of when and where to celebrate. At Tomorrow Funerals, we specialise in cremations, followed by memorials and have many interesting ideas to make these events incredibly special.

The digital age and funerals

For each person, we build a permanent memorial website, make a beautiful tribute video to music, and create an online guestbook, giving friends and relatives a space to visit and remember.

Engaging family and friends in creating a memorial

At Tomorrow Funerals, we value the importance of strong family connections and community interaction. We encourage collaborative planning, involving family members in the decision-making process and providing a platform for them to share stories and memories during the service.

Planning a funeral for a baby boomer is an opportunity to celebrate a life rich in experiences, achievements, and connections.

With Tomorrow Funerals by your side, you can trust that our compassionate and professional team will guide you through this journey with sensitivity and expertise.

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