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Funeral live streaming services, Melbourne – our recommendations

At Tomorrow Funerals, we specialise in creating beautiful memorial services in life-filled event spaces – NOT, in traditional settings like funeral homes or chapels.

Livestreaming the memorial service or funeral, ensures family and friends can be a part of the farewell, despite distance. If a live stream is required, there are a number of options. For example, you could book a professional streaming service or go with DIY (and free!) livestreaming; see below: ‘Alternatives to livestreaming the funeral or memorial service.’

At Tomorrow, we are all about transparent pricing. We do not receive any commission from third party suppliers like memorial venues, florists or streaming services. Instead, once you book our complete ‘cremation & memorial package’ we help you manage your memorial event within your budget.

In Melbourne, there are a number of fantastic live-streaming business that specialise in streaming funeral events from almost any location. Access to wifi is important and a specialist might need to bring a web booster, if working in a remote location. (Note: it can be very frustrating watching a streamed funeral and having the connection drop out.)

A funeral streaming technician might use multi-camera options and webcasting. Usually the option of a high-quality recording is also available for download following the ceremony as a special reminder of the day.

The best funeral streaming business in Melbourne

Based on personal experience, here is our list of highly recommend funeral streaming services in Melbourne:

  1. Vivid Stream – a personal caring service in your time of need – plus they do a fantastic job!
  2. Belinda Jane – professional filming of the ceremony, discreetly capturing the service as well as streaming this footage over the internet
  3. Multi Media Studios – specialising in live streaming
  4. Serenity Productions – latest streaming technology / high definition video

Streaming the memorial in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast

In Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast, we highly recommend using Bellarine AV for streaming the service and any additional screen hire, or video recordings.

Alternatives to livestreaming a funeral or memorial service

Two simple and affordable ways to share the ceremony with family in other locations are:

  1. Ask a friend or family member to simply record the ceremony on their phone or video. If you’re using a phone device to record the service, the person making the recording will need to ensure they’re close enough to record the sound. Afterwards, send us the recording and we will upload it as an ‘unlisted’ YouTube video. The link can be posted to your person’s memorial website to be watched again, or shared.
  2. Ask a friend or family member to Zoom or Facetime the ceremony live (and record it.) An invitation link can be sent out prior to the ceremony (or posted on your person’s memorial website.) This option is dependent on wifi access, but is a simple option for streaming the proceedings live.

At Tomorrow Funerals, we are here to help you create a modern, highly personalised farewell for your very special person.

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