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Sustainable cardboard coffins by Daisybox, for greener funerals

At Tomorrow Funerals we are committed to offering one simple transparent package to our clients, but not at the expense of the environment!

In fact, we aim to improve standards in the funeral industry when it comes to lowering the carbon footprint of funerals in Australia. One initiative we are really proud of is the use of sustainable, cardboard coffins.

After extensive research, we are happy to partner with Daisybox, who manufacture eco-friendly caskets. There are hopes that new techniques like natural burial and water cremation will at some point be accessible in Melbourne and more widely in Australia, but in the meantime, we’ve made the simple decision to use environmentally friendly, cardboard coffins for all our bookings. This ensures our funerals are as sustainable as possible.

Why choose a cardboard coffin?

When it comes to selecting a coffin, cardboard coffins and caskets are the most environmentally friendly option. Even compared to (the supposedly more sustainable) wicker coffins, which are transported pre-assembled from Asia, resulting in 900% higher transport emissions.

Most traditional coffins are produced from MDF or particleboard which use formaldehyde resins to bond the fibres. Often added to that are volatile solvents like varnishes, paints, and polishes. Chrome-plated ABS plastic is commonly used for combustible handles. (This material was never designed to be burnt.)

The choice of a cardboard coffin is vastly more sustainable in terms of both the production process and the cremation afterwards, where harmful elements are burned and released into the environment. During a cremation, our cardboard coffins emit less CO2 and NO2 emissions compared with engineered wooden coffins. Daisybox have independent test data to verify this claim.

Choosing cardboard coffins also results in less toxic cremation ashes. As a business, we support finding environmentally friendly ways to scatter ashes in Victoria.

What is a cardboard coffin?

Daisybox caskets are made from a strong, biodegradable triple layer fibreboard, without the use of formaldehyde, ABS plastic or PVC. Instead of plastic handles, they have sturdy hessian ropes that are both attractive and practical. The technology involved in creating Daisybox coffins means they are a safe and reliable alternative to wooden coffins and caskets.

Daisybox cardboard coffins at Tomorrow Funerals

How do I get a cardboard coffin in Australia?

At most funeral homes in Australia, a coffin is the most profitable item sold with a funeral service. Clients are offered all types of elaborate, polished and varnished wooden (MDF) coffins with a selection of handles at varying costs. They are taken through this sales process with a funeral director, at the funeral home – all whilst in the early stages of grief.

Usually, a green or environmentally friendly coffin/casket is not on offer at all. Or, when a sustainable coffin is requested, additional fees might be added, to make up for the lower profit margin in using a cardboard coffin. If a particular funeral home is not purchasing cardboard coffins in bulk, this might also drive the price up.

In contrast, at Tomorrow, we have made the decision to always choose Daisybox, quality coffins. In fact, our clients are not asked to come into a funeral parlour and make decisions about coffins or caskets at all. Instead, we spend our time and energy creating a very personal memorial –  one which is as wonderful and unique as was the person whose life we are celebrating!

Summary: What are the pros of using a Daisybox cardboard coffin?

  • Daisybox coffins are produced without the use of formaldehyde, ABS plastic or PVC
  • 90% less toxins are released during the burning as opposed to using a wood or metal option
  • Cremation ashes are less toxic – an important element when thinking about scattering them
  • They are light and easy to carry, weighing only 6Kg
  • Finding ways to make a funeral more sustainable can help start meaningful conversations around the memorial and become a part of the persons legacy
  • The request by consumers for cardboard coffins and other environmentally friendly options drives suppliers of funerals to continually seek greener options
  • Years of research and development has led to the highest possible product, which is strong, reliable and most importantly.. sustainable!

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